Worst to First: Anaheim Ducks Jerseys

There are few teams in the league that have tried as many different styles of jersey as the Anaheim Ducks. They were one of the first teams to wear an alternate third jersey, they’ve rebranded, and changed color schemes. In the process, they have worn some of the best, and some of the wackiest jerseys in NHL history.

Worst: Number 13- Wild Wing (1995-1996)

wild wing

The Ducks were one of the first teams to utilize an alternate “third” jersey in the NHL, and boy, oh, boy was this a swing and a miss. Known as the “wild wing”, the crest featured a sublimated version of the teams’ mascot coming out from under the ice. The font and numbers on the back were nearly impossible to read due to the whacky font they chose. They were only worn a handful of times during the 1995-96 season before they were retired and lost to history. Probably for the better.

Number 12- Second Alternate Away (1997-1999)

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You know when you turn on an episode of Full House or Fresh Prince and look at their outfits and think “God, that’s so 90’s”? That’s how these jerseys feel. After burying the wild wing jerseys in 1996, the Ducks re-entered the third jersey pool with an all green, or jade, to be specific, jerseys with an eggplant and grey strip from the shoulders down to the arms. This was technically the Mighty Ducks’ fourth jersey, as they also had white alternates with the same design.

Number 11- Second Alternate Home (1997-2000)


These were the white version of the 1997 alternates. While still ugly in their own right, the white is much easier on the eyes than the full jade. The design on the sleeves and shoulder stayed the same as the other alternate. These jerseys outlived the jade by a full season, when they were dropped from the rotation in 2000, which marked the second time the Ducks dropped an alternate jersey entirely.

Number 10- 25th Anniversary (2018-2019)


The Ducks brought back a version of their classic eggplant uniforms and it was yet another swing and miss. The jerseys were a different, darker, shade than the originals, and it brought the entire aura of the jerseys down. They also put the current Ducks “D” logo on the shoulders. The orange “D” on the green shoulders are enough to rank these low. Luckily, these were only brought back for one year during the 2018-19 season and laid to rest in favor of an orange alternate the following season.

Number 9- White Away (2006-2014)


After Disney sold the team, the organization was rebranded from top to bottom. The “Mighty” was dropped from their name, and the classic Mighty Ducks jersey were retired. They were replaced by a black and white color scheme with gold and orange underlays adorned by their new Anaheim Ducks logo. The color scheme was supposed to be an ode to their home in Orange County. While these jerseys are kinda bland, they hold the most significance, as they won the Stanley Cup the first season they wore them.

Number 8- Black Home (2006-2014)


These were the home version of the 2006 rebrand. The all black jerseys stood out a bit thanks to the gold and white stripe askew at the bottom, which may have been a subtle homage to their previous Mighty Ducks jersey, which had the cockeyed stripe on the waist.

Number 7- 2014 Stadium Series (2014)

Image Created by Iconasys Shutter Stream

These were the first all-orange jerseys the Ducks franchise broke out. They ended up being one of the more subdued Stadium Series jerseys they NHL has had, though the holographic crest is an odd choice. The Ducks organization would later add an orange alternate jersey to the rotation the following season, thanks in part to the trial run of these Stadium Series jerseys.

Number 6- Current Away (2014-present)


These jerseys are the Ducks most recent attempt at redesigning their jerseys, slightly tweaking their black and white scheme. With no more titled bars on the waist and a brand new “D” crest, it was the first normal jersey style in franchise history.

Number 5- Current Home (2010-present)


The Ducks current home jersey originally debuted as an alternate in 2010. It was the debut of their “D” crest, and featured much more orange on the jersey to break up the solid black of their home style. These took over as their full-time home jerseys in 2014 and are still being worn to this day.


Number 4- Orange Alternate (2015-2017, 2019-present)


After their 2014 Stadium Series were a hit with the fans, the Ducks deployed a brand new orange alternate jersey. These featured a fresh, gold take on the Mighty Ducks logo, as well as prominent gold bars on the sleeves and waist. The overall look was a bit more subdued than the Stadium Series jersey. Ironically, the Ducks didn’t make a big deal of these, as they didn’t even issue a press release when they debuted.

Number 3- Third Alternate (2003-2006)


These maybe the only home run alternate jersey in Ducks history. Totally deviating from the eggplant, jade, and white color scheme of the era, they are all black with an eggplant bar on the waist and sleeves. The new-look logo was also the first time they made a change to their crest since the wild wing flop in 1995. These jerseys were around from 2003 until the team was sold in 2006, where they would abandon these black jerseys, though the organizational facelift did keep the idea of a black color scheme.

Number 2- Original Away (1993-2006)


If you’re talking about the best jerseys in NHL history, these have to be in the discussion. These were the first jerseys worn by the Mighty Ducks upon their inception in 1993, and they immediately made an impact in the jersey world with eggplant and jade color scheme. The slanted lines on the waist were a new look at the time, and one that was borrowed a few times by other teams over the years including the Canucks, Capitals, and the Blues.

First: Number 1- Original Home (1993-2006)



The only thing better than the away Mighty Ducks jerseys are the home Mighty Ducks jerseys. Ripped straight from the silverscreen, these jerseys err on the side of caution as the white is, again, more pleasing to look at. These remained a staple for the Ducks until the rebrand in 2006, and unlike the eggplant jerseys, have never been brought back by the franchise.



by: Daniel Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: anaheimcalling.com


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