Worst to First: Colorado Avalanche Jerseys

The Colorado Avalanche teams of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s were some of the most memorable teams of all time. The trio of Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy dominating the NHL to legendary defenseman Ray Bourque lifting his first Stanley Cup in 2001, they defined many of fans’ childhoods. Their jerseys are no different. The franchise moved to Denver in 1999 and established some of the most iconic hockey jerseys in NHL history, and have tried to stay as true as possible through their entire history.

Number 11: Current Alternate (2015-Present)

These are certainly a choice. The Avalanche pay tribute to both the state flag and the former NHL Colorado franchise the Rockies with a new logo and a brand new navy blue color to the franchise. It’s a pretty bland jersey overall and doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the Avs jerseys through history. It’s a nice homage to their location and tip of the hat to hockey history in Colorado, but it doesn’t make for a pleasant jersey.

Number 10: Current Home (2017-Present)

When the Avalanche announced they’d brought back the mountain range piping, it was supposed to be a modern version of some of the coolest jerseys of all time, but these just aren’t it. The single grey stripe separating the blue and burgundy is a subtle but different change from the original black and white stripe. The collar is different as well, opting for a full grey look instead of a tricolored burgundy, blue and grey. It’s the right idea, just a noticeable imposter.

Number 9: Current Away (2017-Present)

The blue pants, blue numbers, blue helmets, ugly grey piping, just a complete mockery of a classic hockey jersey. They’re insistent on removing all black from the jersey, but little do they realize that was a main color in tying the originals together.

Number 8: Blue Alternate (2009-2015)

When Reebok took over and it was time to create a new third jersey, the Avalanche opted to bring back the diagonal “Colorado” on the chest, but decided to feature their blue accent color, which at the time was the first attempt at a jersey that wasn’t burgundy or white. For what it’s worth, the jersey isn’t terrible, just feels like the red-headed stepchild of Colorado Avalanche jerseys.

Number 7: 2020 Stadium Series (2020)

I don’t think I’ve ever been as indecisive on a hockey jersey as the Avalanche Stadium Series unis. The design is certainly one of a kind, but it feels like a little bit more white along the tail, cuffs and collar would’ve broken up the monotony of the solid colors and sent them from “eh” to an awesome one-off kit.

Number 6: Reebok Away (2007-2017)

Reebok’s takeover in 2007 forced just about every team to re-design their jerseys, and the Avalanche got hit hard. Ditching their mountain range jerseys, which had become iconic thanks to their Cup wins, they went with updated sleeves and the Reebok speciality of removing the tail stripe and shift the color to the sides of the jerseys. Just a very bland, boring setup, especially compared to what they had before.

Number 5: Reebok Home (2007-2017)

The home burgundy jerseys seemed to hide the new design flaws a little better than the road whites.

Number 4: Original Alternate (2001-2007)

The diagonal lettering across a jersey is a trope that’s been done to death through the years, but the Avalanche did a good job using the striping to create a very cool base before smacking some letters on. It’s got that vintage feel and a good mix of the Avalanche color scheme to be a pretty solid hockey jersey.

Number 3: Reverse Retro (2021)

The Avalanche won the reverse retro collection when they debuted a Colorado-colored take on the Quebec Nordiques jersey. How nobody ever thought of this before is beyond me, but they’re absolutely amazing and should eventually end up in the full-time rotation for the Avalanche in some form or another.

Number 2: Original Away (1995-2007)

Just an iconic hockey jersey. The whacky “mountain range” piping on the sleeves and tail and unique and the color scheme works perfectly together. An overall perfect jersey.

Number 1: Original Home (1995-2007)

The only thing better than the away jerseys were the home whites. If you asked me “Daniel, what’s a perfect hockey jersey?” It’s these babies right here.

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: nhluniforms.com / nhl.com


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