The Philadelphia Flyers Are Out $1,187,500 Million For Next Season

The Philadelphia Flyers, along with 14 other NHL clubs exceeded the cap space of $82.5 million this season after performance bonuses were accounted for. The Flyers were ranked 2nd highest in the bonus overages, behind the Boston Bruins who are out a whopping $4,500,000 in bonus overages.

Boston Bruins            $4,500,000
Philadelphia Flyers $1,187,500
Montreal Canadiens $1,170,000
Edmonton Oilers $850,000
Vancouver Canucks $850,000
Colorado Avalanche $637,500
New York Rangers $610,891
Carolina Hurricanes $450,000
New Jersey Devils $422,500
Dallas Stars $372,829
Florida Panthers $212,500
Seattle Kraken $129,910
San Jose Sharks $25,000
St. Louis Blues $20,000
Washington Capitals $20,000

Via: PuckPedia

Danny Briere will be starting his first full season as Flyers General Manager with $1,187,500 in extra cap charges due to the team using LTIR all season long.
The reason this happened is because the Flyers had to use long term injured reserve (LTIR), with Ryan Ellis being out since the start of 2022 and Sean Couturier not playing this season. This means that the performance bonuses players earn that season will become a cap charge in the following season. The overage charges happen so every team fits under the cap for next season.

At the conclusion of the NHL regular season, the performance bonuses earned by players are added to their team’s final season cap. So if the resulting total exceeds the NHL cap, the excess is a cap hit for the following season. Seen as a performance bonus carryover overage cap charge.

The Flyers used $3,937,906 million in LTIR this season. This resulting in the Flyers losing out on $1,187,500 for next season and that’s not all, If Noah Cates is named to the All-Rookie Team the Flyers lose another $212,500. The Flyers had three players who earned bonuses, Noah Cates, Justin Braun and Cam York which pushed the Flyers over the cap space.

The NHL cap space will be increasing by at least $1 million next season, the Flyers and 14 other teams will have a good chunk of that taken up from bonus overages from this season.

By: Dylan H. Robillard


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