NHL 2024 Stadium Series: Philadelphia Flyers Vs New Jersey Devils

The Philadelphia Flyers are heading back outside for their sixth Winter Classic — Stadium Series.

Jan. 1, 2010: Fenway Park in Boston
Jan. 2, 2012: Citizens Bank Park
Feb. 25, 2017: Heinz Field in Pittsburgh
Feb. 23, 2019: Lincoln Financial Field
February 21, 2021 – Flyers take on Bruins at Lake Tahoe

View the official reveal, date and more info below:

This will be the first time the Flyers and Devils meet outdoors, the Flyers have only ever played against the Bruins, Rangers, and Penguins.

The last time the Philadelphia Flyers played in an outdoor setting, it did not end well. David Pastrnak had three goals and Boston took control by scoring three times in a span of 1:39 during the second period to beat the Philadelphia Flyers 7-3.
Truly a tough watch for Flyers fans, but at least the beautiful view helped out a bit. 

The orange and black are brutal in these kinds of games, with a 1-4 record in outdoor games. 

Winter Classic: 0-2
Stadium Series- 1-2
NHL Outdoor Games Series: 0-1 

The New Jersey Devils have only one Stadium Series game under their belt, going all the way back to 2014. Where the New York Rangers toppled the New Jersey Devils 7-3.

MetLife Stadium will be the home for the Devils/Flyers game, well also having the Isles/Rangers play on the same day. For the first time ever the NHL will have a Stadium Series on back-to-back days on the same ice. 

Both the Devils and Flyers have had their share of blowouts during these events, so it should be interesting to see how both teams handle one another. The Devils are the heavy favourite after manhandling the Flyers during the regular season in 2022-23. In their last meeting in February the Devils handed the Flyers a 7-0 beat down. Additionally, the Devils were also a Playoff team in 2023 and have a strong young core, after already rebuilding. Both teams could be completely different come 2024 but it should be interesting to see.

None the less, it’s hockey outdoors which is always a spectacle to watch and enjoy.


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