It’s All About Soul

Five years ago today, the sports world lost a legend in Ed Snider. The Flyers, however, lost their soul. Snider had been battling cancer, and lost that battle, as so many have. The Snider Family released the following statement on the passing of their father: "During his lifetime, he cultivated a cherished circle of friends … Continue reading It’s All About Soul

Unforgettable Images

There is a Tweet making the rounds today, asking for a Philly sports photo that you will never forget. For me, there are two, and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum emotionally. One is the image of Pelle's mangled Porsche; the other is the image of the celebration of Simon Gagne's eventual game … Continue reading Unforgettable Images

Part of the Game?

Chirping is a part of hockey, as much as fighting; however; there are times when both can go too far. For someone that cannot skate backwards, I do my fair share of chirping. Believe me, there will be some after this weekend. I have one co-worker who is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and one … Continue reading Part of the Game?

A Long Overdue Apology to Eric Lindros

Eric Lindros was on my mind yesterday, so much so that I called a co-worker Eric Lindros when speaking about him. In all fairness, his name is similar, he is a hockey player, and the co-worker I was speaking to was trying my patience at the end of the day, but 88 was on my … Continue reading A Long Overdue Apology to Eric Lindros

Abbreviated History of John LeClair

On February 9, 1995, the Flyers made a blockbuster trade with the Montreal Canadiens to acquire star defenseman Eric Desjardins. Little did they know, another player they acquired in that trade would go on to change the face of the franchise forever. John LeClair was born in St. Albans, Vermont on July 5, 1969. LeClair … Continue reading Abbreviated History of John LeClair

Abbreviated History of Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger's illustrious career was filled with highs and lows. A Stanley Cup and two Olympic Gold Medals as well as a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He was known as a dirty player, serving eight suspensions in his career. His playing career ended prematurely due to concussion issues, but he left behind … Continue reading Abbreviated History of Chris Pronger