Ron Hextall…Bad GM, Badass Goalie

It was recently brought to light that Ron Hextall made some very bad decisions as the Flyers General Manager. Do these bad choices truly tarnish his legacy as a goaltender? I understand cancel culture, and there are times when it is appropriate (yes,I am looking at you, Evander and Burt's eyebrows) but I have … Continue reading Ron Hextall…Bad GM, Badass Goalie

Ryan Ellis…Shea Weber 2.0

Ryan Ellis is not the first defense savior for the Flyers that did not materialize. Once upon a time, Shea Weber was a Flyer....for about five seconds. Ryan Ellis has made it longer than five seconds, but the disappointment tastes very familiar in the mouths of long time Flyers fans. With the Weber signing, we … Continue reading Ryan Ellis…Shea Weber 2.0

If Ben Simmons was a Flyer

It is a Flyers Game Day, and I should be reading about my boys in Orange and Black on Social Media. Unfortunately, every form of Social Media has turned into the Ben Simmons show, and that show is seriously an embarassment. Stories of the 76ers superstar wanting a trade have swirled for months. He apparently … Continue reading If Ben Simmons was a Flyer

The Flyers are Back!

The Flyers opened training camp this week, and there will be live Flyers hockey on my television in under two weeks. I feel just like a kid before Christmas. Tonight I am watching one of the last few Flyers ‘rewinds’, the game in Montreal played on November 30th. While I didn’t watch this game live since … Continue reading The Flyers are Back!