Join Our Team!

We are looking to add to our team for the 2022-23 season! Below are the list of openings we have. If you are interested in any position, DM @BrotherlyPuck, @DanTheFlyeraFan, or email for inquiries!

Writing Contributors

Have you ever wanted to write about your favorite hockey team? Brotherly Puck is looking for new contributors for next season! We’d expect contributions on at least a bi-weekly basis.

Also looking for writers to cover the Phantoms, Premier Hockey Federation, and various other leagues or NHL teams as well!

Brotherly Pod Co-Hosts

Brotherly Pod is looking for new regular and recurring guest hosts for season 5! If you want to talk about the Flyers on a regular basis, DM @BrotherlyPuck, @Brotherly_Pod, or @DanTheFlyeraFan for openings!

Sisterly Pod Co-Hosts

Calling all female podcasters that want to talk about the Flyers! We’re looking for more co-hosts for Sisterly Pod season 3! Reach out to host Katie Bogan (@cl4udegiroux) or Brotherly Puck for openings!

Video Content

Do you create online hockey content and want to become a Brotherly Puck affiliate or original creator under the Brotherly Puck brand? We will be looking to expand onto Youtube and other video platforms and are looking for both content creators and admins who are familiar with video content who can run the pages in the future.

Instagram Curator

Are you familiar with Instagram and promotion? We’re looking for someone to run our Instagram page brotherly_puck. Promotion of articles, podcasts, and growing the presence of Brotherly Puck on Instagram.

Graphic/Logo Designer

We are looking for someone to make graphics for the twitter page as well as possibly upgrade our logos. If you are a graphic designer who is interested in becoming a team member or a one-time gig, email us!