Brotherly Pod talks all things Philadelphia Flyers. Daniel Esche hosts a wide variety of guests to break down the news, rumors, and transactions of the greatest sports team on earth!

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Brotherly Pod– The flagship show features guests from across the league to talk all things Flyers and NHL hockey.

Flyers A.D.– Anthony Di Marco from The Fourth Period stops by to weigh in on the Flyers and discuss league wide news.

Flyerside Chat– Shane Meade and Dan Esche, the smoothest voiced duo in Philadelphia sports, unite to talk about all things Flyers and occasionally the Phillies as well.

Frequent Flyer– Mike Aceto and Manny Benevides join Dan Esche as the trio of long-time fans and season ticket holders give their opinions on the state of the organization.

Sisterly Pod– Katie Bogan hosts the ladies night show as the all-female cast breaks down this week’s Flyers news with new co-hosts Grace Rudick, and Phyllis Ceci.

Leftovers- You ever wonder what happens when the recorder stops rolling? Well now you get to go behind the scenes of Brotherly Pod and catch all the chatter that happen after the episode ends! You’ll get to hear some of the most interesting conversations, best stories and funniest moments in this new series.


Frequent Flyer- Manny Benevides, Mike Aceto

Flyers A.D.- Anthony Di Marco

Sisterly Pod- Katie Bogan, Grace Rudick, Phyllis Ceci

Flyerside Chat- Shane Meade

Brotherly Pod- Nick Costa, Dan Esche

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