2018-19 Quarterly Grades: Goalies

I know we’re well past the quarter part of the season now, but I wanted to give Carter Hart some time before I went ahead and graded him, as well as the rest.  We looked at the forwards and defense earlier, so lets get to the goalies. I’m also not going to be as harsh on the goalies, because a lot of times it has been costly turnovers and other mistakes from the team that have to led to goals against.  However, they have not been perfect and there is plenty to put on them.

*Grades aren’t giving out by statistics, but what we expected from them and what we’ve seen*

Carter Hart – A

Hart made his NHL debut earlier this year in a 3-2 victory over the Detroit Red Wings on Dec. 18th. None one knew what to expect, but we were all excited that the future was here. Stopping 20 of 22 shots in his first game was big, and we all could have a sigh of relief.  His next game would be a big test, against the Nashville Predators who are a favorite to compete for this Stanley Cup this year.  He let in 1 goal on 32 shots for a .969% and by then, we all knew we had something special.  He was the first goalie in Flyers history to start his career 2-0, and the first in the NHL since Carey Price.  Not bad, eh? Unfortunately, the Columbus Blue Jackets spoiled everything. Letting in 4 goals on 19 shots, Hart would not move to 3-0, but needless to say, there was little he could do.  The games prior to that, the Flyers were blocking shots, and not giving up as much.  They couldn’t contain the Blue Jackets however.  If not for the Columbus game, his .917% and 2.28 GAA would be much improved, however, compared to the rest of the goalies right now, he’s at the top.  He rose above my expectations.  He’s calm, stays square to the shooter, plays big, he can track he puck through the mess in front of  him and has played to keep the Flyers in games.  He should be 4-0, however the guys in front have let him down.

Anthony Stolarz – C+

Stolarz was finally able to get his chance to prove himself in the NHL.  Unfortunately, an injury has sidelined  him for the time being.  In his 7 games, he’s currently 2-3, .880% with a GAA of 3.90.  Not exactly impressive stats, but considering the team in front of him, not bad.   I would like to see Stolarz continue to be able to prove himself as a back up behind Hart, but that remains to be seen.

Brian Elliott – C

Elliott is in the final year of his contract, and possibly the final of his career.  He’s been out with a groin injury after going through core muscle surgery in the off season.  The plan was for Elliott and Neuvirth to be the goalies for the season, but injuries have changed that and we’ve seen six goalies this year.  I like Elliott as a possible backup for the rest of the season if he can get back to 100%, but I’m not expecting it.  I expect him to be out for possibly the remainder of the season.  His .911% and a 2.59 GAA has him right behind Hart, but the aging goalie is running out of time.

Michael Neuvirth – 4 GP 1-2-1 .835% 4.80 GAA – D

Alex Lyon – 2 GP 1-0-0 .806% 5.08 GAA – F

Cal Pickard – Waived – F


By Mike Bailey (@mbailey010)

photo cred: USA Today

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