Looking at James van Riemsdyk’s Numbers

If you were like me, when the Flyers signed JvR this off season you were excited.  A former 30 goal scorer coming to the Flyers is exactly what this team needed.

It didn’t quite get off to the start we all wanted though. He would miss 18 of the first 19 games after being injured in the second game of the year.  We can never have nice things.

After bouncing around on the line up, including being on the top line which did not work at all like they had hoped, to being on the 2nd power play unit, and a lot of times not even noticeable on the ice,  JvR has looked liked his old self the last couple of months.

In 55 games, he has 24 goals, 17 assists for 41 points, with 8 of those goals and 11 of his points coming on the power play.  He also has two hat tricks this season.

Let’s compare this season to his best season in Toronto where he put up 36 goals, 18 assists for 54 points in 81 games in the 2017-18 season.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.03.16 -

From the chart above, he’s basically on pace for pretty much the exact same as his last year in Toronto, besides averaging most time on ice and averaging a high points per game.  We’re getting the exact player we wanted.

Also, theres this too.


Expect him to have a higher power play numbers next year when he plays a whole year on the top unit. It is also to note he is shooting at a higher percentage this year compared to last year as well.  This year he’s at 18.9% while last year he was at 14.5%. I expect him to be around that 14.5% to 15% next year.

It may seem like he’s having a down year, and besides the injury, he’s not.  He’s exactly where we want him to be and if he’s able to play a full season, or close to it with the addition of stable goaltending and defense, there’s no way this team will miss the playoffs next year.

There’s no reason not to expect 30-33 goals from JvR next year and possibly hitting the 60 point mark.  He is scoring and he’s also getting helpers too.  He has 18 last year and this year he already has 17.  We’re not expecting him to put up big numbers in the assist column, but it certainly won’t hurt at all.

This season may be over, but next year will be an exciting year.


By Mike Bailey (@mbailey010)

Photo Cred: NBCPhilly

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