The Flyers Have a Strong Hart

Two years ago, Carter Hart and Team Canada lost a gold medal game in the World Juniors Competition.

Wednesday night Hart won his first NHL shoot out.

He’s come a long way from juniors just over this year. Playing professional hockey hasn’t hindered him, rather excelled and amplified his skills.

When Hart was in juniors, he wasn’t the greatest at shootouts. His record was 3-3 with the Everett Silvertips last year. And overall, his shootout record with the Silvertips was 6-12.

Wednesday, the shootout against the Toronto Maple Leafs went into five rounds. In those five rounds, Hart didn’t let a single shot through.

During the last shot from William Nylander, Hart didn’t even flinch or move. He didn’t give the Leafs an inch in the shootout.

Marner tried to go five-hole on Hart, but by the time he shot, there was no five-hole to score on.

Hart was unwaivering, not letting the Toronto Maple Leafs phase him in any way. He waited for them to move, he never moved first.

The showing of Hart in his first shootout shows how prepared and mature he is. His demeanor made it seem like he had done that hundreds of times, not never before in the NHL. He was calm and collected, much like he has been since he was brought up in Janurary.

Hart has a veteran feel in the goal for the Flyers. He’s strong and grounded in the net. But that’s what’s so amazing about it, he’s still only 20 years old.

There are so many amazing things that Flyers fans are going to see from this talented, young goalie. He has so much in store for fans, they have a lot to be excited about.

Hart played a great game on Wednesday, despite letting in 4 goals. It was a hard-fought effort from the team, and their goaltender stood strong for them and kept them in the playoff race.

Flyers’ fans may be able to get used to hearing that one.

Image credit:

Julia Kender @JK_Kender

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