Professional Hockey Player: Radko Gudas

The 2018-2019 season for the Philadelphia Flyers has been a wild one to say the least. There have been many lows during this year, and for the fourth time in seven seasons, the team will not qualify for playoffs. One of the team’s major issues is the lack of defense. The stars that were incredible last year did not meet their expectations this season. Shayne Gostisbehere finished with a career high of 65 points last year (13 G, 52A). Coming off his best season, Ghost was put on a high pedestal to perform similarly. But, with only 36 points (8G, 28A) with six games left, Shayne has been a complete let down this year. Ivan Provorov, one of the best lockdown defensemen in the league, started off this season horribly. Known for his offensive ability, Provorov had a solid previous season, producing 41 points (17G, 24A). Ivan did not nearly produce as much this year, only having 36 points (7G, 19A). The Russian’s season was rough, filled with mistakes, mishaps, and giveaways. I hope that these two players can turn around their play next year and show why they deserve to be on the team. With the addition of Phil Myers and Sam Morin, the Flyers have gained young talent, but I believe that they still need a skilled veteran to guide them. There has been one veteran player on this defensive lineup (No, not AMAC) that has stepped up all season. Radko Gudas!

The 28 year old Czech has had a solid season. Radko took on the role of “veteran defensemen” this season and has helped guide the young defensive talent this year. Now, Gudas is not an offensive defenseman whatsoever. But, he has had his third highest season in points, coming at 20 points (4G, 16A). While this is not saying much, it just shows that Radko has played well in all aspects of his game. Other than his offensive ability, Radko’s ability shines in his lockdown defense. Throughout this season, he has made the right checks, the right passes, and the right plays. His ability this season has not only been important for his improvement, but for the development of the youngsters. Now that our talented prospects are finally starting to make the final lineup, it is very important for the team to have skilled veterans to guide them in the processes of becoming an elite NHLer. Showing the young guns how to properly make plays (Ahem, AMAC) is crucial down the line. It is like training a dog… if you teach them the right things early on, then they will display those traits later on in life.

Radko Gudas has been an important element to this Flyers team this season, and I hope he continues his play next year.


By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

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