Konecny Holdout Makes Future Blurry

Training camp for the Philadelphia Flyers is well underway, but there is still one name missing: Travis Konecny. Head Coach Alain Vigneault and GM Chuck Fletcher both have expressed their disappointment at Konecny’s absence.

Rookie Joel Farabee has taken Konecny’s spot on the top line with Giroux and Couturier in his absence, and by all reports, doesn’t look out of his element. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for Konecny’s future on the top line, a role he was already demoted from under Scott Gordon toward the end of last season.

If Farabee continues to impress while Konecny isn’t around, it could be Farabee’s ticket to not only earning a roster spot, but seeing top line minutes as well. All signs point to Konecny already being in Alain Vigneault’s doghouse as hinted at by a string of candid comments to the press, including this gem-

“He’s here to do all the meetings, see the video we’re showing. He knows all the drills we’re going. He is behind, but he is not as far behind as someone that’s not physically here at this time.” -Alain Vigneault

The “He” AV is referring to is Nolan Patrick, who is missing camp with an upper body injury, but he is present to learn the style of his new coach.

The Flyers are thin down the right side, but at the same time aren’t super flexible either. Without Konecny the top right wing spot is open, and the third line right wing spot has been all summer, and the second line spot is currently held by Jake Voracek. So if Farabee impresses enough at camp and steals the top line role, by default Konecny will be booted to the third line.

Konecny is well within his right to hold out and demand the money he feels he is worth, but at the same time, he could be doing damage to his own career by losing his spot on the top line.

Will Farabee stick around on the roster as camp drags on? No one knows, but he has received ringing endorsements from coaches and teammates alike, while Konency has been the recipient of some backhanded comments from the same people. This will be one of the more interesting story lines as camp continues and the regular season draws ever closer.



By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: letsgoflyers.net

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