Give Chris Stewart The C’

On the 15th of October, The Philadelphia Flyers signed Chris Stewart to a one-year deal. Born October 30th, 1987, Stewart has been playing in the NHL and AHL since the 2006-2007 season. Having not played on an NHL caliber team since 2017, Stewart has not had the ‘best’ career. Last season, he played in the highest level ice hockey league in the UK, the EIHL, for the Nottingham Panthers. In 23 games, he scored 6 goals and assisted 7 times for a total of 13 points. Let’s just say Stewart is no Wayne Gretzky.

But, it is understood that the Philadelphia Flyers see something in Stewart. Chris is a big force on the ice who seems like he is willing to fight anyone at anytime (something the Flyers had been lacking in since the loss of Wayne Simmonds), and is said to be great in the locker room. While many fans are calling for Joel Farabee’s call-up, I believe that Stewart should take on an even bigger roll for the Flyers (I know how it sounds … keep reading).

Look at him go!

Claude Giroux has had a poor season so far, only assisting once for a total of just one point in his first four games. Fans have called out Giroux in the past for being a bad player, but I believe it is finally time for Claude to be cut. Who cares that in the past two seasons, Claude finished with a total of 102 points in the 2017-2018 season and 85 points last season. If Giroux can’t even score a goal in the first four games, why is he still captain? I feel that Stewart is the perfect candidate to take Giroux’s position. He harnesses the most important hockey skills like grit, companionship, and toughness. Plus, he has a knack for great locker room talk!

Obviously Giroux will continue on as captain, but if the Flyers want to make the playoffs, Claude will have to step-up his game.

In all seriousness, while the future is unknown for Stewart, I believe that fans should not get too upset over his presence. Chris won’t be here for long with the way Farabee is playing in the AHL. But, by the time Stewart is done playing with the Flyers, he will be known as one of the most famous players to play for Philadelphia, next to Bobby Clarke.

Till’ Next Time,

Ryan Meyer (@ryanlmeyer)

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