A Letter to Ben Simmons

Dear Benjamin David Simmons,

I am writing to you, a letter, that I hope you not only read, but also understand. I am writing on behalf of the greatest city in the world, Philadelphia. Our sports fans are second to none, they love their teams, and even more personally, their players. Any player that dons a Philadelphia jersey, wears it proudly, and plays their hardest will be forever loved in our hearts. That is what is so great about this city, it’s not about being good that makes us love you,  (although that helps) it’s the character we see on and off the court, ice, field or whatever. Since you joined the 76ers, we have watched you grow into a fantastic basketball player, an All-Star. We love you, and I am writing from a place of love. You have a gift, being a 6’10 ball handler is rare, but a 6’10 ball handler that can shoot? Legendary. Ben Simmons you have the chance to become without a doubt, one of the best players in basketball history. All it takes: one shot per quarter can do it, heck you don’t even have to make them. It’ll keep defenses honest, and give our offense much more flexibility. We understand it might take some time to be consistent. But like I said, you don’t even have to make many. Philadelphia has had its fair share of championships recently. The Eagles in 2017, and Phillies in 2008 were fun. But you know what we want, what we need? A dynasty. With you improving your shooting game, and Joel down low, the Sixers will have the chance to become the next big dynasty in the NBA. I’m not talking Warriors here, they got three and good for them. I’m talking Kobe and Shaq Lakers, Tim Duncan Spurs, and maybe even the Jordan/Pippen Chicago Bulls. That is the ceiling this team has, that is the ceiling YOU have. Now, like I said, you’re already amazing and we will always cherish what we have with you. But you can give us a something Philadelphia has never seen before in any sport: a decade-long dynasty. 

The City of Philadelphia

-Sal Cusumano (@scusu33)

Photo Credits: sportsnaut.com

7 thoughts on “A Letter to Ben Simmons

  1. He’s had 3yrs to make some improvement in his jump shot and hasent made one inch forward in that area.he dosent even know the proper foot work to get a shot off.this hurts the team because he making bad passes to smaller players in the paint when their not in good position and causes turnovers..like you say he has top 5 player talented in this league and he’s letting it slip into mediocrity..that’s a shame..and some of the blame is on the coaching staff enabling his to not improve


  2. I agree totally with this post I’ve said it to friends many times who are Sixers fans all she has to do is take one shot I keep saying way we’re going to do it at home that’s what they’re waiting for and then the home game comes and he doesn’t do it just do it Ben. Nike-JUST DO IT!!!


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