There Is A New Legion Forming In Philadelphia

If you ask people about the ‘Legion of Doom’ you will get various answers, depending on the crowd around and the place you are at. There is the super villain group based on DC comics ‘Justice League’ or the late WWE wrestling tag team Hawk and Animal just to name a few. But when you are in Philly or a hockey fan in general, the typical answer is the LeClair, Lindros, and Renberg Flyers line in the mid 90’s. For 2 and a half years the LOD line wrecked havoc in the NHL, amassing 305 goals and 361 assists between the three of them in that short span. It’s no secret the Flyers best line is their 2nd line (Lindblom, Couturier, and Konecny). Can this line replicate what the ‘Legion Of Doom’ line did? The potential is certainly high and they are quickly proving they can be a new legion themselves.

Make no mistake, comparing any Flyers line to the famed ‘Legion of Doom’ line is profound. However the Flyers current 2nd line (pre Morgan Frost call up) of Lindblom, Couturier, and Konecny can certainly make a name for themselves, and be just as dangerous as the ‘Legion of Doom’.

Let’s take a quick look back down memory lane at what the ‘Legion of Doom’ line accomplished in 2 and a half seasons.

Their first year together was a lock out shortened season in which they made the playoffs.

In their 2nd year Lindros and LeClair excelled, while Renberg played hurt posting 43 points in 51 games. Lindros had 115 points while LeClair scored 50 goals.

The 3rd and final year of the Legion was 96/97 and most memorable. LeClair notched 50 goals again, Lindros played only 52 games but had 32 goals and 47 assists. Renberg had nearly the best year of his career, outside his rookie season, tallying 59 points.

All 3 seasons they made the playoffs and moved past the first round but could never hoist the cup. Their final season together they finally made it to the cup finals, only to get swept by Detroit.

Not only were they offensively talented, all three players were over 6’2 and over 230 pounds.

In the beginning of the season new head coach, Alain Vigneault, was maneuvering the lines trying to see what worked best. He has continually tinkered with the 1st, 3rd, and 4th lines here and there throughout the young season. The 2nd line of Lindblom, Coots, and Konecny has proven to be the best line, and something special to watch each shift on the ice. They have great chemistry with each other and when they produce on the ice it spreads momentum to the rest of the team. The three of them have 51 points combined, which is currently more than the 1st and 3rd lines combined.

It’s great to see the young guys scoring and playing well, even Joel Farabee, who has 5 points and a shootout goal in his infant career already. Morgan Frost also just got called up to play with the big club, it will be interesting to see how he adapts and what sparks he brings. If the 2nd line keeps up their stellar play and continues to gain chemistry, there is no question they will lead this team to great things. The Flyers are also in good shape to keep all three signed long term. Konecny, as we should all know by now, signed a 6 year deal just as the season started. Couturier is also signed for six years. Lindblom currently leads the team in goals, so signing him once his 3 year entry level contract expires should be a no brainer. He also has 13 goals in his last 25 regular season games, the most of any Flyer.

There is a new legion forming on this young Flyers team, taken from an old page in Flyers history that was never truly finished, in the ‘Legion of Doom’ line. Lindblom, Couturier, and Konecny have shown they are special together with overwhelming potential. With so many talented young guys the Flyers have, including goalie Carter Hart, there is no reason a new legion can’t be born.

By: Kevin Thaete (@BigKT23)

Photo credit: NBC Sports Philly

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