Oskar Lindblom: To Skate or Not to Skate?

In case you were living under a rock, Oskar Lindblom joined the Flyers at the Skate Zone Tuesday for a voluntary skate. All of social media was abuzz. The well wishes and Oskar love quickly turned to debate….was it safe for Oskar to skate? Was he risking his life to be on the ice?
While I understand the concern for Oskar’s health in the middle of a pandemic, I sincerely believe that neither his personal doctors nor the team doctors would have allowed Oskar anywhere near that practice facility if it was considered a risk, a sentiment echoed by the Flyers General Manager.

It was great to see him out there. He looked really good on the ice, his hands are still there. It is remarkable to think that with all the treatments that he has had he was able to go out there today and still show the skill and still have the stamina to skate for about 35-40 minutes. It’s a great sign for him and very exciting to think that with all going well in the future he’s going to return to play for us. Obviously, Phase 2 is voluntary and every player and staff member must follow very strict guidelines and rules. Our practice facility is a very safe environment, safer than most places. -Chuck Fletcher, Flyers General Manager

Some fans jumped right to seeing Oskar in the playoffs. The team has made it clear that we won’t see #23 on the ice for game action until next season, whenever that might be. The only situation where it might be possible is if the Flyers do make the Stanley Cup Finals, so that Captain Claude could pass that Cup to Lindblom. He has earned that celebration, along with so many others.



By: Phyllis Hunter (@flyersfan1129)

Phone credit-Philadelphia Flyers Twitter

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