The Flyers are Back!

The Flyers opened training camp this week, and there will be live Flyers hockey on my television in under two weeks. I feel just like a kid before Christmas. Tonight I am watching one of the last few Flyers ‘rewinds’, the game in Montreal played on November 30th. While I didn’t watch this game live since my son and I were celebrating his birthday on a Caribbean cruise, it is still a game that I know has a happy ending.

It is that adrenaline rush, the screaming at the TV as my family rolls their eyes that I miss. I do think that hockey is the most exciting sport on the planet, so much so that I did watch several games, in whole or in part, on that same cruise. I don’t usually book vacations during hockey season, but my son is a November baby, and this was his 18th Birthday celebration. I have taken off work to watch day games, and we have taken vacations to see the Flyers play on the road. Yes, I am a Flyers addict, and there is no cure. The NHL and especially the Flyers, is my normal.


Much has been said about the NHL returning; much has been negative. The fans are selfish to even want it, the NHL is putting profits above the health of the players. I have even questioned the emotional cost the players are paying in not being able to see their families. There is obviously a health risk in this new Covid-19 world we live in. 

While I am not of the ‘these men get paid millions of dollars, they need to do their jobs’ school of thought, I do realize that there is an inherent risk in being a professional hockey player.  Nolan Patrick is currently paying that price; being denied the chance to play the game he loves due to injury. The Flyers locker room got hit with a nasty flu bug in mid-February that saw Joel Farabee miss several games and lose somewhere near ten pounds. This particular flu was so virulent that Ivan Provorov, who may or may not be a machine, almost missed a game. The NHL had a mumps outbreak in 2017. Yes, the mumps, a disease that was all but eradicated long ago.

There will always be risks in any sport, but it does seem that the NHL has a comprehensive  plan to keep the players as safe as possible. The players know the risks, and very few have opted out. I respect that decision, and would never dare to question any players that opt out. For the record, I also don’t question the players decision to play. I don’t think they are playing for money, I think they are playing for the same reason I am counting down the days until I see live hockey….they just want normal back. I am in awe of the courage of these mere mortals, taking this risk to help the world return to some sense of normal.



Photo credit, Instagram post from Author’s personal Instagram

By: Phyllis Hunter (@flyersfan1129)

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