Top 5: Gritty Moments of Year 2

Gritty celebrates his second birthday today and that means it’s time to look back on the year he’s had. Last year, Gritty took the world by storm when the big orange mascot was debuted by the Flyers organization, and has been a popular figure on social media ever since. With a year full of new shenanigans to choose from, what were Gritty’s top five moments of the year?

Number 5: Quarter Hour of Power

When the NHL season was put on pause during the coronavirus pandemic, Gritty took to social media for fifteen minutes a day to play charades with members of the Flyers roster, attempt internet challenges, and make 80’s themed workout videos. He made 37 episodes, all available on Youtube, and it was a momentary distraction from the stresses of everyday life when we needed it most.

Number 4: Throwing Cake

One of Gritty’s favorite attack moves he has in his arsenal is the dreaded sheet cake. From hurling cakes at opposing fans in the stands, to smashing the dessert in the face of people in online skits, to blindfolding Rangers fans while dressed as Santa Claus, Gritty is a menace with a delicious desert at his side. He also took part in the everything is cake challenge in Instagram when discovering he himself was made of cake. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake Gritty doesn’t discover baked Alaska or we’re all in trouble.

Number 3: Punching a 13-year-old

By far one of the strangest headlines to make the rounds this past year was when charges were brought against Gritty for allegedly punching a 13-year-old boy during a meet and greet late last year. While the media referred to Gritty as a sentient being, Nothing ultimately became of the accusations when a Philly PD investigation didn’t turn up any evidence of wrongdoing. His reign of terror lives to see another day

Number 2: Gritty’s Trip to Toronto

When the Flyers made their way to Toronto to participate in the 2020 playoffs, the 7 foot tall mascot was not with the team. Gary Bettman joked that they did not have a test big enough to fit in his nose, so Gritty took it into his own hands to make the trek to Toronto. The only issue, he ended up in Toronto, Ohio. His journey documented on social media, Gritty walked around the city with signs looking for someone to point him in the direction of Claude Giroux. After a visit to the Ohio River he mistook for Niagara Falls, Gritty stumbled upon a school with an American flag out front, and the lightbulb went on that he may still be in the USA. His trip culminated with a video of him hitch hiking back to Philly.

Number 1: Queer Eye Appearance

Upon a referral from the Philly Phanatic, Netflix’s hit “Queer Eye” crew made the journey to Philadelphia to help the Flyers’ mascot out. The Fab 5 helped Gritty pick a new wardrobe and tried to get him to break his cheesesteak habit with little luck. In the end, Jonathan Van Ness proclaimed “You have the confidence that inspires a whole nation, and especially gorgeous Philadelphia, so we would have never changed a thing.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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