2020 NHL Draft Coverage Audio

With 8 shows in 10 days, it’s going to be a busy week-and-a-half here for Brotherly Pod. To keep up with all the shows, we’ll put all the links here in one place as they become available! Links will be for Apple Podcasts, but you can also find us on your favorite streaming platform!

Brotherly Pod #56 “Jesse Granger Interview”

Jesse Granger from The Athletic LV talks the Lehner extension, the fate of Fleury, shedding cap space, naming their first captain, and the new third jerseys! Then Dan and Anthony react to Matt Niskanen retiring LIVE on air!

Brotherly Pod #57 “Ghost Elephant”

Manny and Dan return to talk about day 1 of the 2020 NHL draft, Tyson Foerster pick, Patrik Laine trade rumors, what to do on defense, Niskanen retires, more!

Flyers A.D. #34 “Wisdom”

Dan and Anthony return to talk day 2 of the draft, Andrae at 54, Wisdom at 94, why are fans afraid to trade for Laine, Turris at 3C? pursuing Pietrangelo, Niskanen’s retirement, more!

Angry & Negative Show #77 “Draining My Soul”

Dan and Jim are back to cover the first day of free agency, the Flyers lack of moves, missing out on Lundqvist, live reactions to Krug signing in STL, remaining options, and multiple meltdowns.

Flyers A.D. #35 “About That Fletcher Presser”

In this emergency sit down, Anthony and Dan return to discuss the alarming Chuck Fletcher press conference, the lack of moves, relying on Ghost and JVR, the future of the Flyers, more!

Sisterly Pod #1 “The Pilot, The Picks, and The Presser”

In the debut of Sisterly Pod, Katie, Katelynn, and Dan sit down to talk the Flyers draft picks, a live breakdown of Fletcher’s press conference, Why the Flyers haven’t made many moves, potential roster for next season, more!

Brotherly Pod #58 “Gus Bus Rides Again”

Dan returns with Steve and Shane to talk the Flyers signing Erik Gustafsson, What to do with Ghost, Will the Caps be good?, the Flyers roster is just a bunch of dudes, Nolan Patrick at 3C, more!

Brotherly Pod #59 “Dave Pagnotta Interview vol. III”

Anthony and Dan return to talk to guest Dave Pagnotta about free agency, the Flyers signing Gustafsson, were they ever in on Laine?, Hall in Buffalo, did any metro team get better? more!

Angry & Negative Show #78 “Flin Flon”

Jim and Dan return to talk the living hell that is Flyers twitter, trying to be positive but failing, would Gretzky succeed in today’s NHL, Gustafsson vs Ghost, looking at other D options around the league, more!

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