Santa’s Sack: The Flyers’ Gritmas Wishlist

The Gritmas season is upon us and it’s almost time for Gritty dressed as Santa to invade our homes and leave some special surprises for the young girls and boys he chooses to spare. What we, the public, didn’t see was Chuck Fletcher sitting on Gritty’s lap, virtually, of course, as he told the orange abomination all the things he wanted for the Flyers as general manager this year.

A Fast Start

The Philadelphia Flyers are renowned for their slow starts. Over the last five seasons, the Flyers have not had a winning record during October, going 24-26-5 in that time. Now that the 2021 season will be shortened to 56 games due to the Covid pandemic, a fast start out of the gate is going to be crucial to stay competitive in a stacked division.

Nolan Patrick’s Return

While all signs point in a positive direction for Nolan Patrick’s potential return, nothing is set in stone quite yet. The organization probably won’t know until he take his team physical in early January. “He’s trending in a positive direction, but we have no idea if he’ll be cleared” was essentially what head coach Alain Vigneault said last week regarding his fate, which is more or less the same thing we’ve heard for a full year now. If he’s given the green light to return, Patrick will be a welcome addition to the roster, more than likely filling the hole at third line center.

Patrik Laine

Patrik Laine has been linked to Philadelphia in some form for most of the offseason, but nothing has ever come of the rumors. We’ve even made a plea to acquire the Finnish sniper. Now that the season is almost underway, chances are he remains in Winnipeg, at least for now. Though if things go sideways for the Jets during the season, or the two sides can’t agree on a contract extension in the 2021 offseason, the Flyers may be able to swoop in once again and take a crack at trading for Laine.

A Stanley Cup

It’s finally go time for the Philadelphia Flyers. Even in a shortened season, they can’t throw another year away. This team has to get its collective head out of its ass soon enough, and they’re hoping to build off of last season’s trip to the second round of the playoffs, the first time they accomplished that feat in eight years. Even though Fletcher really didn’t improve the roster at all, the Flyers are hoping that some of their younger players in the system will step up and be the difference makers they so desperately need. It’s a bold strategy, but if it pays off, there’s no reason why the Flyers couldn’t be Stanley Cup contenders this season.

And with his wishlist read to Ol’ St. Grit, Chuck Fletcher hopped down from the coked-up muppet’s lap and started frolicking away, only to realize he was being followed. Fletcher turned around in horror to notice Gritty was chasing him. Fletcher ran as fast as he could but it was no hope. Gritty caught up with the general manager and punched him in the back, knocking him down, then slammed a cake in his face. Chuck may or may not get what he wants for Christmas, but Gritty absolutely got what he wanted; another body for his collection.

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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