New Season, New Expectations!

As the season gets underway, us Flyers fans may be wondering “are my Flyers going to storm into the playoffs and finally win this year?”. Well, I can definitely say that I have been wondering that myself, and I want to know some thoughts from all the lovely people who read Brotherly Puck.

So, what are your expectations? How far do you think the Fly Guys are going to get in the ‘yoffs’?

Personally, I like to be realistic, yet a bit optimistic, and I think this team is going to go far. I don’t know if they are strong enough to win the cup this year, but this team is one of the strongest Flyers squads I have ever seen. If only we had Jori Lehtera to supply coke to the team…

Jokes aside, I think that this team can go far. As long as the big guns actually show up this year in the playoffs, I think that they have a real shot at winning the cup. And I wouldn’t be a Flyers fan without thinking that they are the best team in the league after only winning one game. But hey, when you beat Pittsburgh, anything is possible.

I want to see your thoughts on the season!

By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

Photo credit: Philly Voice.

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