The Flyers fall to the Bruins 4-3 in OT

The bleeding started the minute the puck was dropped. It only took 12 seconds for Pasternak to dangle around Ghost and score for the Bruins. That’s not acceptable for a team with as much talent as the Flyers, yet alone any NHL team. One of the reasons that goal happened was because AV decided to put the Flyers fourth line against the Bruins first. Why did he do this? Good question. It really doesn’t make much sense to do that especially against a team with a powerhouse first line like the Bruins.

Throughout the first period, the Bruins had all the chances in the world to score. But, Hart stood tall in net and made save after save. Honestly, if it weren’t for Hart, it would have been an absolute blowout. Not to mention the Flyers didn’t even put a shot on net for the first nine minutes. The biggest problem was that the Flyers were not pressuring the puck. Especially at the point. Bruins defensemen were ripping slap shots from the point almost every time they were in the zone. Meanwhile, the only real chance the Flyers got was when Lindblom got robbed by Rask. He received a beautiful pass and it hit Rask right in the glove

We then received an awesome surprise in the second period. The Flyers were actually putting good shots on net! This led to the Bruins getting far less time in their zone compared to the first. We had much better pressure, shots and hits. It was amazing to watch. I was surprised that no one dropped the gloves with NAK. He was very physical and looked like he was getting in a few of the Bruins’ head. Later on in the period, the flyers great puck movement finally lead to a goal! It was a nice one timer from Hayes to make it his 6th goal of the season. Assists came from Sanheim and Myers. The end of period score was 1-1 and the shots were 21-19 Boston.

Third period scoring came from Voracek and Farabee to make it 3-1. Pasternak also scored two more goals in the period to tie it up, which gave him a hat-trick. One of his goals was on a Power Play with only 14.9 seconds left. That’s right, 14.9 seconds. Painful. The Flyers only had to kill 14 more seconds and they would’ve won. But I guess that sums up the game perfectly. It looked good, but then all of a sudden it went terribly.

The next game for the Orange and Black is Friday, February 5th at 7p. It will be at home against the Bruins again. Hopefully they can bounce back and get a huge win.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Twitter: @MelroyJason_

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