‘Twas the Night Before the Deadline

‘Twas the night before the deadline, and all across the land,
The fans were in agony as Chuck sat on his hands.

We witnessed another loss to the freakin’ Buffalo Sabres,
The Flyers in the third, played like a pile of wet paper.

The team is a mess, the defense in shambles!
Largely because Chuck made too many gambles.

There’s Gus and there’s Prosser and a regressing Phil Myers,
How in the world could the Flyers be buyers?

Thank you to G, Dr. Coots, and Farabee.
This season would be unwatchable without you three.

Teams are making trades to prepare for the postseason.
But Chuck’s phone lays silent, for some goddamn reason.

Is he really that patient? What more does he need?
Do the Flyers need to blow their 8,000th lead?

AV has no answers, he’s not even bluffing.
The players also speak, but really say nothing.

We’re sorry Carter, you deserve so much better.
You deserve more than this bunch of bedwetters.

They could still make the playoffs? Let’s not go crazy here.
After all, our motto is “Just 2 or 3 more years!”

I want to like this team, I really do.
But how many more years of this will they put us through?

We need better defensemen, we need toughness and heart!
Those last two still matter, ignore the colors on your chart.

It’s gone on long enough, it’s time for a change.
Before this fanbase becomes completely deranged.

We now look to Monday, when the deadline is set.
Even though we know, the Flyers won’t be a threat…

Let’s all band together, as the deadline is coming,
Look to the front office and yell, “Dammit Chuck, do something!”

-Brian Adams (@BadamsProblems)

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