Retroactive NHL Awards

The NHL Awards have been around for quite a while, some of the most prized ones have been around most of the time the NHL has been, but there were no awards for the first 6 seasons. In this article I will go back and look at who most likely wins each award in the years before its first time being awarded. I will not being doing the Willie O’Ree, Jack Adams, and GM of the Year because I’m looking at player awards. I will also not do the Masterton and King Clancy because they aren’t necessarily for play during the season. Also, these are all my picks when looking back at the statistic available via The only awards that we know for certain are the Art Ross, William M Jennings, and Maurice Richard since they are exclusively just stat awards.


GP- Games Played
G- Goals
A- Assists
P- Points
GA- Goals Allowed
GAA- Goals Against Average
Sv%- Save Percentage
SO- Shutouts
PIM- Penalty Minutes
PIM/GP- Penalty Minutes per Game
+/– Plus Minus


League MVP

1917-18Joe MaloneMontreal CanadiensLW/C2044448
1918-19Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensC1723932
1919-20Clint BenedictOttawa SenatorsG2419-5-0642.665
1920-21Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensC24331043
1921-22Punch BroadbentOttawa SenatorsRW24311445
1922-23Babe DyeToronto St PatricksRW22271340

Lady Byng

Player that exemplifies the most gentlemanly conduct

1917-18Jack LavioletteMontreal CanadiensLW6180.33
1918-19Jack McDonaldMontreal CanadiensC6180.33
1919-20Jack McDonaldQuebec BulldogsC4240.17
1920-21Mickey RoachToronto St. Patricks & Hamilton BulldogsC2230.09
1921-22Morley BruceOttawa SenatorsD2220.09
1922-23Didier PitreMontreal CanadiensRW0220.00
1923-24Amos ArbourToronto St. PatricksF4210.19


The Vezina has a weird history. The initial criteria for it was vague as it was either for the most valuable goalie or for the goalie with the best goals against average (GAA). Then from 1946-1981 it was announced it would go to the goalies on the team with the fewest goals against. At first it was awarded to the goaltender with more games played on the team, then it was awarded to each goalie on the team who played at least 25 games. Then that became the Jennings and the Vezina was for the best goalie. For this, I’m going to award it to the best goalie.

1917-18Georges VezinaMontreal Canadiens12-9-01843.93
1918-19Clint BenedictOttawa Senators12-6-02532.85
1919-20Clint BenedictOttawa Senators19-5-05642.66
1920-21Clint BenedictOttawa Senators14-10-02753.08
1921-22Clint BenedictOttawa Senators14-8-22843.34
1922-23Clint BenedictOttawa Senators14-9-14542.18
1923-24Clint BenedictOttawa Senators15-7-03451.99
1924-25Georges VezinaMontreal Canadiens17-11-25561.81
1925-26Alec ConnellOttawa Senators24-8-415421.12


I will not use the current age limit as this was before Makarov. The actual trophy wasn’t given out until the conclusionof the 1936-37 season, but rookie of the year honors were handed out 4 seasons before that starting with the 1932-33 season. Also, 1917-18 will not have one as technically everyone was in their first NHL season.

1918-19Odie CleghornMontreal CanadiensC271821627
1919-20Babe DyeToronto St PatricksRW222311213
1920-21Billy Stuart Toronto St PatricksD2119213
1921-22Billy BoucherMontreal CanadiensRW222417522
1922-23Aurele KoliatMontreal CanadiensLW2224131023
1923-24Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC212413316
1924-25Hap DayToronto St PatricksD2326101727
1925-26Nels StewartMontreal MaroonsC233634842
1926-27George HainsworthMontreal CanadiensG314400028-14-2141.47
1927-28Larry AurieDetroit CougarsRW224413316
1928-29Tiny ThompsonBoston BruinsG254400026-13-5121.15
1929-30Ebbie GoodfellowDetroit CougarsC/D2344171734
1930-31Johnny GagnonMontreal CanadiensRW254118826
1931-32Doug YoungDetroit FalconsD234710212

Art Ross

Player with the most points

1917-18Joe MaloneMontreal CanadiensLW/C2044448
1918-19Newsey LalondeMontreal CanadiensC1723932
1919-20Joe MaloneQuebec BulldogsLW/C24391049
1920-21Newsey LalondeMontreal CanadiensC24331043
1921-22Punch BroadbentOttawa SenatorsRW24311445
1922-23Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW22271340
1923-24Cy DenneyOttawa SenatorsLW2222224
1924-25Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW2938846
1925-26Nels StewartMontreal MaroonsC3634842
1926-27Bill CookNew York RangersRW4433437
1927-28Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC43331851
1928-29Ace BaileyToronto Maple LeafsRW44221032
1929-30Cooney WeilandBoston BruinsC44433073
1930-31Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC39282351
1931-32Busher JacksonToronto Maple LeafsLW48282553
1932-33Bill CookNew York RangersRW48282250
1933-34Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW42322052
1934-35Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW47362157
1935-36Sweeney SchrinerNew York AmericansLW48192645
1936-37Sweeney SchrinerNew York AmericansLW48212546
1937-38Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsRW48262652
1938-39Toe BlakeMontreal CanadiensLW48242347
1939-40Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsC48223052
1940-41Bill CowleyBoston BruinsC46174764
1941-42Bryan HextallNew York RangersRW48243256
1942-43Doug BentleyChicago Black HawksLW50334073
1943-44Herb CainBoston BruinsLW49364682
1944-45Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensC50265480
1945-46Max BentleyChicago Black HawksLW47313061
1946-47Max BentleyChicago Black Hawks & Toronto Maple LeafsLW60294372


Best defenseman

1917-18Harry CameronToronto Arenas21171027
1918-19Harry CameronToronto Arenas & Ottawa Senators1411516
1919-20Sprague CleghornOttawa Senators2116521
1920-21Harry CameronToronto St. Patricks2418927
1921-22Harry CameronToronto St. Patricks24181735
1922-23George BoucherOttawa Senators24151025
1923-24George BoucherOttawa Senators2113922
1924-25Hap DayToronto St. Patricks26101727
1925-26Hap DayToronto St. Patricks3614216
1926-27Herb GardinerMontreal Canadiens446713
1927-28Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4311617
1928-29Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins3912719
1929-30King ClancyOttawa Senators44172340
1930-31Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins44151631
1931-32Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4591322
1932-33Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4882735
1933-34King ClancyToronto Maple Leafs46111728
1934-35Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4872633
1935-36Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4531619
1936-37Babe SiebertMontreal Canadiens4482028
1937-38Eddie ShoreBoston Bruins4831417
1938-39Flash HollettBoston Bruins44101727
1939-40Toe BlakeMontreal Canadiens48172138
1940-41Flash HollettBoston Bruins4191524
1941-42Tommy AndersonBrooklyn Americans48122941
1942-43Flash HollettBoston Bruins50192544
1943-44Babe PrattToronto Maple Leafs50174158
1944-45Babe PrattToronto Maple Leafs50182341
1945-46Babe PrattToronto Maple Leafs4152025
1946-47Pat Egan Boston Bruins6071825
1947-48Jimmy ThompsonBoston Bruins5902929
1948-49Pat Egan Boston Bruins6061824
1949-50Red KellyDetroit Red Wings70152540
1950-51Red KellyDetroit Red Wings70173754
1951-52Red KellyDetroit Red Wings67163147
1952-53Red KellyDetroit Red Wings70192746

Conn Smythe

In the beginning, the NHL adopted the NHA’s system of having the team that won the first half would play the team that won the 2nd half for the NHL Championship. This went on until 1924. Then in 1926 the NHL playoffs were the same as the Stanley Cup playoffs. There were no playoffs because the Ottawa Senators won both halves. This is only for the NHL playoffs. Until the 1926 playoffs, the O’Brien Trophy was awarded to the NHL Champion.

1918Alf SkinnerToronto ArenasRW78311 
1919Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensC511213 
1921Clint BenedictOttawa SenatorsG20002-0-0200.00 
1922Frank Nighbor*Ottawa SenatorsC2213     
1923Cye DenneyOttawa SenatorsLW2202 
1924Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC2314 
1925Georges VezinaMontreal CanadiensG20002-0-0120.33 
1926Punch BroadbentMontreal MaroonsRW4213 
1927Alec ConnellOttawa SenatorsG60003-0-3240.600.833
1928Frank BoucherNew York RangersC97310 
1929Tiny ThompsonBoston BruinsG50005-0-0330.60 
1930George HainsworthMontreal CanadiensG60005-0-1360.75 
1931Johnny GagnonMontreal CanadiensRW10639 
1932Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW7628 
1933Cecil DillonNew York RangersRW88210 
1934Charlie GardinerChicago Black HawksG80006-1-12211.33 
1935Baldy NorthcottMontreal MaroonsLW7415 
1936Buzz Boll*Toronto Maple LeafsLW97310     
1937Marty BarryDetroit Red WingsC104711 
1938Mike KarakasChicago Black HawksG80006-22151.71 
1939Frank BrimsekBoston BruinsG120008-41181.25 
1940Dave KerrNew York RangersG120008-43201.56 
1941Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsC115611 
1942Don Grosso*Detroit Red WingsLW128614     
1943Johnny MowersDetroit Red WingsG100008-22221.94 
1944Bill DurnanMontreal CanadiensG90008-11141.53 
1945Ted KennedyToronto Maple LeafsC13729 
1946Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensC951217 
1947Maurice Richard*Montreal CanadiensRW106511     
1948Ted KennedyToronto Maple LeafsC98614 
1949Turk BrodaToronto Maple LeafsG90008-11151.57 
1950Sid Abel Detroit Red WingsC14628 
1951Max BentleyToronto Maple LeafsC1121113 
1952Terry SawchukDetroit Red WingsG80008-0450.63 
1953Gerry McNeilMontreal CanadiensG80005-32151.850.927
1954Terry SawchukDetroit Red WingsG120008-42201.600.940
1955Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW1191120
1956Jacques PlanteMontreal CanadiensG100008-22181.800.923
1957Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensRW1011718
1958Jacques PlanteMontreal CanadiensG100008-21201.940.936
1959Dickie MooreMontreal CanadiensLW1151217
1960Jacques PlanteMontreal CanadiensG80008-03111.350.950
1961Pierre PiloteChicago Black HawksD1231215
1962Stan Mikita*Chicago Black HawksC1261521     
1963Johnny BowerToronto Maple LeafsG100008-22161.600.949
1964Gordie Howe*Detroit Red WingsRW1491019     
*means that their team did not win the Cup

Pearson/Ted Lindsay

Awarded to the best player judged by his peers. Since I can’t ask any hockey players from this time, it’s kinda just me judging who the best player is using patterns found within who won other awards. It’s mostly one of the really big name players in the league. Excluding players not eligible, all but 2 winners are in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

1917-18Joe MaloneMontreal CanadiensLW/C2044448
1918-19Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensC1723932
1919-20Clint BenedictOttawa SenatorsG2400019-5-05642.66
1920-21Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensC24331043
1921-22Punch BroadbentOttawa SenatorsRW24311445
1922-23Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW22271340
1923-24Cy DenneyOttawa SenatorsLW2222224
1924-25Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW2938846
1925-26Nels StewartMontreal MaroonsC3634842
1926-27Bill CookNew York RangersRW4433437
1927-28Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC43331851
1928-29Ace BaileyToronto Maple LeafsRW44221032
1929-30Cooney WeilandBoston BruinsC44433073
1930-31Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC39282351
1931-32Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC48242549
1932-33Bill CookNew York RangersRW48282250
1933-34Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW42322052
1934-35Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW47362157
1935-36Sweeney SchrinerNew York AmericansLW48192645
1936-37Marty BarryDetroit Red WingsC47172744
1937-38Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsRW48262652
1938-39Toe BlakeMontreal CanadiensLW48242347
1939-40Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsC48223052
1940-41Bill CowleyBoston BruinsC46174764
1941-42Lynn PatrickNew York RangersLW47322355
1942-43Doug BentleyChicago Black HawksLW50334073
1943-44Bill CowleyBoston BruinsC36304171
1944-45Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensC50265480
1945-46Max BentleyChicago Black HawksLW47313061
1946-47Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW60452671
1947-48Buddy O’ConnorNew York RangersC60243660
1948-49Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsLW50262854
1949-50Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW70432265
1950-51Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70434386
1951-52Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70473986
1952-53Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70494695
1953-54Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW70373067
1954-55Ted KennedyToronto Maple LeafsC70104252
1955-56Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensC70474188
1956-57Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70444589
1957-58Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW64334477
1958-59Andy BathgateNew York RangersRW70404888
1959-60Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70284573
1960-61Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensRW64504595
1961-62Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW70503484
1962-63Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW70384886
1963-64Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensC68285987
1964-65Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW61393271
1965-66Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW65544397
1966-67Stan MikitaChicago Black HawksC70356297
1967-68Stan MikitaChicago Black HawksC72404787
1968-69Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC744977126
1969-70Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD763387120
When Clint Benedict played, they didn’t keep track of SV%


This was the toughest of them all because it’s already tough to decide who the best defensive forward is, but I used this book I have called Ultimate Hockey by Glenn Weir, Jeff Chapman, and Travis Weir as a source because they did the same thing I did.

1917-18Louis BerlinguetteMontreal CanadiensLW20213 
1918-19Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC1819928 
1919-20Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC23261642 
1920-21Louis BerlinguetteMontreal CanadiensLW2411920 
1921-22Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC2081018 
1922-23Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC2211718 
1923-24Punch BroadbentOttawa SenatorsRW229514 
1924-25Louis BerlinguetteMontreal CanadiensLW29426 
1925-26Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC35121426 
1926-27Charley McVeighChicago Black HawksC/LW4412416 
1927-28Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsC428513 
1928-29Frank BoucherNew York RangersC44101626 
1929-30Frank FinniganOttawa SenatorsRW43211536 
1930-31Pit LepineMontreal CanadiensC4417724 
1931-32Pit LepineMontreal CanadiensC48191130 
1932-33Frank FinniganOttawa SenatorsRW4541418 
1933-34Pit LepineMontreal CanadiensC4810818 
1934-35Hooley SmithMontreal MaroonsC/RW4652227 
1935-36Frank FinniganToronto Maple LeafsRW48279 
1936-37Murray MurdochNew York RangersLW4801414 
1937-38Baldy NorthcottMontreal MaroonsLW46111223 
1938-39Mush MarchChicago Black HawksRW46101121 
1939-40Nick MetzToronto Maple LeafsLW316511 
1940-41Neil ColvilleNew York RangersC48142842 
1941-42Nick MetzToronto Maple LeafsLW3011920 
1942-43Bob DavidsonToronto Maple LeafsLW50132336 
1943-44Bob DavidsonToronto Maple LeafsLW47192847 
1944-45Nick MetzToronto Maple LeafsLW50221335 
1945-46Nick MetzToronto Maple LeafsLW40111122 
1946-47Nick MetzToronto Maple LeafsLW60121628 
1947-48Joe KlukayToronto Maple LeafsLW59151530 
1948-49Tony LeswickNew York RangersW60131427 
1949-50Joe KlukayToronto Maple LeafsLW70151631 
1950-51Joe KlukayToronto Maple LeafsLW70141630 
1951-52Joe KlukayToronto Maple LeafsLW434812 
1952-53Marty PevlichDetroit Red WingsLW64132033 
1953-54Marty PevlichDetroit Red WingsLW6592029 
1954-55Marty PevlichDetroit Red WingsLW70151530 
1955-56Marty PevlichDetroit Red WingsLW7051318 
1956-57Marty PevlichDetroit Red WingsLW6331316 
1957-58Claude ProvostMontreal CanadiensRW70193251 
1958-59Don MarshallMontreal CanadiensLW70102232 
1959-60Don MarshallMontreal CanadiensLW7016223819
1960-61George ArmstrongToronto Maple LeafsRW4714193319
1961-62Dave KeonToronto Maple LeafsC6426356140
1962-63Dave KeonToronto Maple LeafsC682828568
1963-64Claude ProvostMontreal CanadiensRW681517320
1964-65Claude ProvostMontreal CanadiensRW7027376413
1965-66Claude ProvostMontreal CanadiensRW7019365522
1966-67Dave KeonToronto Maple LeafsC66193352-19
1967-68Stan MikitaChicago Black HawksC724047870
1968-69Ed WestfallBoston BruinsRW7018244221
1969-70Ed WestfallBoston BruinsRW7214223620
1970-71Stan MikitaChicago Black HawksC7424487220
1971-72Ed WestfallBoston BruinsRW7718264428
1972-73Ron EllisToronto Maple LeafsRW78222951-1
1973-74Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersC7735528735
1974-75Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersC80278911679
1975-76Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersC76308911983
1976-77Bob GaineyMontreal CanadiensLW8014193331


This is awarded to the goaltender(s) one the team with the fewest goals against min of 25 games played

SeasonPlayerTeam GATGA
1917-18Georges VezinaMontreal Canadiens8484
1918-19Clint BenedictOttawa Senators5353
1919-20Clint BenedictOttawa Senators6464
1920-21Clint BenedictOttawa Senators7575
1921-22Clint BenedictOttawa Senators8484
1922-23Clint BenedictOttawa Senators5454
1923-24Georges VezinaMontreal Canadiens4848
1924-25Georges VezinaMontreal Canadiens5656
1925-26Alec ConnellOttawa Senators4242
1926-27George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens6767
1927-28George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens4848
1928-29George HainsworthMontreal Canadiens4343
1929-30Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins9898
1930-31Roy WortersNew York Americans7474
1931-32Charlie GardinerChicago Black Hawks92101
1932-33Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins8888
1933-34Charlie GardinerChicago Black Hawks8383
1934-35Lorne ChabotChicago Black Hawks8888
1935-36Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins8283
1936-37Normie SmithDetroit Red Wings102102
1937-38Tiny ThompsonBoston Bruins8989
1938-39Frank BrimsekBoston Bruins6876
1939-40Dave KerrNew York Rangers7777
1940-41Turk BrodaToronto Maple Leafs9999
1941-42Frank BrimsekBoston Bruins115118
1942-43Johnny MowersDetroit Red Wings124124
1943-44Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens109109
1944-45Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens121121
1945-46Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens104134
1946-47Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens138138
1947-48Turk BrodaToronto Maple Leafs143143
1948-49Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens126126
1949-50Bill DurnanMontreal Canadiens141150
1950-51Al Rollins
Turk Broda
Toronto Maple Leafs70
1951-52Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings133133
1952-53Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings119133
1953-54Harry LumleyToronto Maple Leafs128131
1954-55Terry SawchukDetroit Red Wings132134
1955-56Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens119131
1956-57Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens122155
1957-58Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens119158
1958-59Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens144158
1959-60Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens175178
1960-61Johnny BowerToronto Maple Leafs145176
1961-62Jacques PlanteMontreal Canadiens166166
1962-63Glenn HallChicago Black Hawks161178
1963-64Charlie HodgeMontreal Canadiens140167
1964-65Johnny Bower
Terry Sawchuk
Toronto Maple Leafs81
1965-66Gump Worsley
Charlie Hodge
Montreal Canadiens114
1966-67Glenn Hall
Denis DeJordy
Chicago Black Hawks66
1967-68Gump Worsley
Rogie Vachon
Montreal Canadiens73
1968-69Glenn Hall
Jacques Plante
St. Louis Blues85
1969-70Tony EspositoChicago Black Hawks136170
1970-71Eddie Giacomin
Gillies Villemure
New York Rangers95
1971-72Tony Esposito
Gary Smith
Chicago Black Hawks82
1972-73Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens119184
1973-74Tony Esposito
Bernie Parent
Chicago Black Hawks
Philadelphia Flyers
1974-75Bernie ParentPhiladelphia Flyers137181
1975-76Ken DrydenMontreal Canadiens121174
1976-77Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens117
1977-78Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens105
1978-79Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens108
1979-80Don Edwards
Bob Suave
Buffalo Sabres125
1980-81Denis Herron
Michel Larocque
Richard Sevingy
Montreal Canadiens67

Rocket Richard

Most goals in a season

1917-18Joe MaloneMontreal CanadiensLW/C4420
1918-19Newsey LalondeMontreal CanadiensC2317
1919-20Joe MaloneQuebec BulldogsLW/C3924
1920-21Babe DyeToronto St. Patricks and Hamilton TigersRW3524
1921-22Punch Broadbent
Babe Dye
Ottawa Senators
Toronto St. Patricks
1922-23Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW2722
1923-24Cy DenneyOttawa SenatorsLW2222
1924-25Babe DyeToronto St. PatricksRW3829
1925-26Nels StewartMontreal MaroonsC3436
1926-27Bill CookNew York RangersRW3344
1927-28Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensC3343
1928-29Ace BaileyToronto Maple LeafsRW2244
1929-30Cooney WeilandBoston BruinsC4344
1930-31Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW3138
1931-32Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW3444
1932-33Bill CookNew York RangersRW2848
1933-34Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW3242
1934-35Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsRW3647
1935-36Charlie Conacher
Bill Thoms
Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs
1936-37Nels Stewart
Larry Aurie
Boston Bruins & New York Americans
Detroit Red Wings
1937-38Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsLW2648
1938-39Roy ConacherBoston BruinsLW2647
1939-40Bryan HextallNew York Rangers. RW2448
1940-41Bryan HextallNew York RangersRW2648
1941-42Lynn PatrickNew York RangersLW3247
1942-43Doug BentleyChicago Black HawksLW3350
1943-44Doug BentleyChicago Black HawksLW3850
1944-45Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW5050
1945-46Gaye StewartToronto Maple LeafsLW3750
1946-47Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW4560
1947-48Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsLW3360
1948-49Sid AbelDetroit Red WingsC2860
1949-50Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW4370
1950-51Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW4370
1951-52Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW4770
1952-53Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW4970
1953-54Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensRW3770
1954-55Maurice Richard
Bernie Geoffrion
Montreal CanadiensRW3867
1955-56Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensC4770
1956-57Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW4470
1957-58Dickie MooreMontreal CanadiensLW3670
1958-59Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensC4564
1959-60Bronco Horvath
Bobby Hull
Boston Bruins
Chicago Black Hawks
1960-61Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensRW5064
1961-62Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW5070
1962-63Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsRW3870
1963-64Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW4370
1964-65Norm UllmanDetroit Red WingsC4270
1965-66Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW5465
1966-67Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW5266
1967-68Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW4444
1968-69Bobby HullChicago Black HawksLW5858
1969-70Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC4376
1970-71Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC7678
1971-72Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC6676
1972-73Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC5578
1973-74Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC6878
1974-75Phil EspositoBoston BruinsC6179
1975-76Reggie LeachPhiladelphia FlyersRW6180
1976-77Steve ShuttMontreal CanadiensLW6080
1977-78Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensRW6078
1978-79Mike BossyNew York IslandersRW6980
1979-80Danny Gare
Charlie Simmer
Blaine Stoughton
Buffalo Sabres
Los Angeles Kings
Hartford Whalers
1980-81Mike BossyNew York IslandersRW6879
1981-82Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersC9280
1982-83Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersC7180
1983-84Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersC8774
1984-85Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersC7380
1985-86Jari KurriEdmonton OilersLW6878
1986-87Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersC6279
1987-88Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsC7077
1988-89Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsC8576
1989-90Brett HullSt. Louis BluesRW7280
1990-91Brett HullSt. Louis BluesRW8678
1991-92Brett HullSt. Louis BluesRW7073
1992-93Alexander Mogilny
Teemu Selanne
Buffalo Sabres
Winnipeg Jets
1993-94Pavel BureVancouver CanucksRW6076
1994-95Peter BondraWashington CapitalsRW3447
1995-96Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsC6970
1996-97Keith TkachukPhoenix CoyotesLW5281
1997-98Peter Bondra
Teemu Selanne
Washington Capitals
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

by Noah Caplan (@Phlyers24 and @NoahlyPod)
pic creds:

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