If Ben Simmons was a Flyer

It is a Flyers Game Day, and I should be reading about my boys in Orange and Black on Social Media. Unfortunately, every form of Social Media has turned into the Ben Simmons show, and that show is seriously an embarassment.

Stories of the 76ers superstar wanting a trade have swirled for months. He apparently did not report to camp, and when he did finally show up for practice, he was out of shape and showed very little interest in actually participating with his teammates. Rumors that he has been rude to the facility staff and to those same teammates are also circulating on social media.

Sixers management tossed him out of practice yesterday and then suspended him for the team’s opening game tonight. It is further rumored that Mr. Simmons left practice and headed for a high priced….ummm…Gentleman’s Club. 

There is an unwritten rule in hockey, one that is the reason I love hockey and hockey players with every beat of my Orange and Black heart.

When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back.- Herb Brooks

Maybe Ben Simmons should spend his time watching the beauty that is ‘Miracle’ instead of heading to high priced strip clubs?

Featured Image courtesy The Athletic

By: Phyllis Ceci (@flyersfan1129)

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