The Return of TK

I always love to talk about our favorite little gremlin-sh*t talker, Travis Konecny. Drafted in 2015, 24th overall, Travis Konency has sure seen some ups and downs in his NHL career. Many analysts compare him to the likes of Brad Marchand in the sense that he can definitely score some goals, but also is not afraid to get in a scrap or two.

Konecny has been on my mind lately; mainly, because I want him to perform even better than he is right now. Luckily, it seems that Konecny is back to his goal-scoring ways. In 4 games played so far on the season, TK has 3 goals and an assist, tallying 4 points total. Now, I get that the season just started, but it’s nice to see Travis back to doing what he loves best. I do not know if I would have thought about TK in a positive light a year ago. Last season was a rough go for Konecny, with the winger only scoring 11 goals and producing 23 assists. To say TK’s previous season was a struggle is an understatement … I was seriously thinking that the Flyers would be better off packaging Konecny in a trade of some sort.

I am so glad that TK is playing well because that means us fans get a few more years of this —>

Before we take a look at TK’s performance this year, how about we look at his play in the past? Please take a trip down memory lane with me, as we look at how our little hockey-goblin has faired in the NHL so far.

Now, am I upset that the Flyers passed up on guys like Sebastian Aho or Anthony Beauvillier? No, not really. I am glad that Philadelphia drafted TK … it would be weird to see him in any other colors that are not orange and black. Throughout his career, TK has been so close to reaching that 30 goal mark. A scrappy player in nature, he uses his speed and agility to blow past opponents and uses his Philly attitude to irritate and harass opposing players. While some think that Konecny is a bust because he is not producing as many goals as some think he should, many do not see that TK is a complete player. As some very smart fans will tell you, hockey is not all about just scoring goals.

So far in the season, Konecny is on pace to be a premier goal scorer in the NHL. With almost a goal per game, Konency has been tearing it up on the ice. It’s fun to think about TK in a positive light. I truly believe that TK has the skill capacity to score as many goals as Marchand does this year. I know that is a big task, but I believe that Teek’s can do it. If this short season is an indicator for anything, it is that Konecny is on a path of greatness, and will be crucial in the Flyer’s success this year.

In addition to scoring, TK draws penalties, makes pretty passes, and plays good enough defense. While he may have lost his scoring touch last year, I think it’s safe to say that TK is not a bust. If Konecny has his knack for scoring back, then I think it is going to be a very successful year for number 11.

In four games, TK already has three goals. So, I think it is safe to say the Konecny is off to a hot start … let’s just hope that Travis stays that way.

Thank you for reading!

By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

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