The Weekly Short: The Return Of Kevin Hayes

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new segment called the weekly short … where I take one aspect from the previous game, and I talk about it. This week, I will be taking a look at how Kevin Hayes performed in his debut on November 13th.

Kevin Hayes, otherwise known as the great one, returned to the Flyers lineup after starting the previous 12 games on the bench. Hayes was forced to sit out at for the start of the season as he was recovering from abdominal surgery. With Hayes returning, the Flyers are looking like a more complete team by the minute. All they need is Wade Allison and I believe this team is playoff-ready.

So, how did Kevin Hayes perform in his season debut Saturday? Well, perfectly average. While watching the game, Hayes did not seem to be noticeable, nor was he a ghost. He seemed to appear on the ice in some dangerous areas, and even managed to sneak in an assist on the Ivan Provorov goal. Now, on a completely different note, I think it’s safe to say that Kevin Hayes played horribly last season. In no way was his game last year a good example of the skill that Hayes possesses. In his inaugural season, Hayes played out of his mind and was one of the best Flyers on the ice.

I think if you really want to examine Hayes this season, you have to give him some time. You cannot judge a player who had just come back from surgery in one game. Give Hayes at least a month before you say he is garbage.

I want to hear your thoughts? How did you think Hayes did in his debut?

Thank you for reading!

By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

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