What Is Wrong With The Flyers?

As a writer involved in sports journalism, the last thing I want to do is completely lose it over a silly sport. I mean, there are so many more things to life, right? Who cares if my hockey team is playing poorly…

WRONG. I live and breathe the Philadelphia Flyers … when G gets upset, I get upset.

The Flyers started off the 2020-2021 season to a positive start; they had a solid record and looked like a formidable team. But now, when I watch the Flyers, I constantly fight the urge to go play in traffic. With the addition of Kevin Hayes, I thought Philadelphia would start to look like a cup contender … but the product we have now would probably only last two days in the AHL.

The Philadelphia Flyers look horrible. We are only 20 games into the new season, and there are already talks of firing AV and/or Chucky-Two-Trades, and players going at it with writers on social media (See Below).

[Nate Thompson Deleted Tweet] “Hey Alex if you think I’m that bad just tag my Twitter name that way you really mean it. You’ll learn young grasshopper. I just realized you were probably not even walking when I turned pro. Forgive me I don’t know anything. You’re the man.”

This team is a dumpster fire … and I am going to look at why that is. Enjoy!

Lack Of Offense

We. Cannot. Score. When your best goal scorer is 4th line right winger Zach Macewen, your team has a problem. Are so-called “stars” that are supposedly supposed to be caring for this team are nowhere to be found. I honestly find it hard to believe that some of these players actually suit up for the game; players like TK and Kevin Hayes are like ghosts and disappear off the ice. Where the hell is Couts, JVR, G, Provy, and Oskar? You Would think AV is rolling with only 3 players a night.

Lack Of Defense

So, you must think that if the Flyers fix their offensive struggles, we solve all of our problems? WRONG … AGAIN. Not only can we not score, but we are leaving goaltenders Carter Hart and Martin Jones out to dry … who, might I say, are both having wonderful seasons. Philadelphia is really missing out on Ryan Ellis, who, along with Provy, were supposed to be the backbone of our first defensive pairing.

Rasmus Ristolainen is looking to be a nice addition to this team, but he is not a good partner for Travis Sanheim. Both players are not very defensively sound, as Rasmus is more physical and Sanheim is not very good (In my opinion). Pairing offensively-minded Keith Yandle with Nick Seeler is not a good move, considering Seeler is an AHL-calibre defenceman. Ryan Ellis needs to come back. If he continues to stay injured, this team is not going to improve.

In Total … Everything Is Wrong

This is clearly not a complete team we have in Philadelphia. What’s ironic is that Philadelphia was plagued with a goaltender problem, where the team could not find a franchise goalie. Now that we have two of them, our team looks like absolute cow manure.

What do you think is the most daunting task the Flyers have to fix this season?

Thank you for reading!

By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

Photo Credit: Phillyvoice

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