So … What Now?

I was originally going to write about how the Flyers can be better with AV at the helm because they looked more like a U12 hockey club rather and an NHL team this past month. But, once Vigneault got fired, I had to scrap everything since, you know, it was now mute. So, what now? It seems that being a Flyers fan causes an undescribable and everlasting pain. This team lacks so many aspects that a good club should have, but I think the number one detail this team is missing, is an identity.

In my eyes, it’s no longer acceptable to say “you know, the team with Mr. Gritty … the funniest mascot in the world!” when describing the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers should be known as a real contender, not some hockey team made up of a bunch of traffic cones. As of now, the Flyguys snapped a 10-game losing streak. Now, I know that in the past, that Philadelphia went to the playoffs in those same years they lost 10 in a row. But, I truly hope that they do not go to the playoffs … that just means I have to watch them play more. The Flyers are easily one of the worst teams in the league. With all hope lost insight, this team looks like they need a good rebuild; and, not a Ron Hextall rebuild, where you hype up your very mediocre draft picks, but a proper rebuild; one that turns this team around from the burning dumpster fire it is now, to an actual competitor that would have a chance at winning a cup.

I find it a chore now to sit down and watch the FLyers play hockey because I know it will just cause me anger and angst. So, what do we, Flyers fans, do now?

Let’s find out together about what Philadelphia should do to fix this “team”.

Acquire More Straight Shooters And Underperformance

During the off-season, Chucky-Two-Trades picked up a good shooter in Cam Atkinson. While I applaud Chuck for that move, it was not enough. Before the Flyers acquired Cam, there were a total of -4 snipers on this team. One reason why I was adamant about the Flyers picking up Patrik Laine is that he is a true goal-scorer. The Flyers have not had a true goal-scorer since Lindros.

Chuck cannot stop at Atkinson. If they want to rebuild, they need guys who can put the puck in the net. There are not enough players that look to shoot the damn puck first. Whenever I watch the Flyers, I get so tired because no one shoots the puck other than Atkinson, and sometimes Claude Giroux. I am so tired … the Flyers need to pick up more shooters.

Something that is also affecting the Flyers offense is the underperformance from some key players; namely, TK, Kevin Hayes, Provy, and Kevin Hayes. All these guys are “so-called stars”, but look horrible. The Flygus would not be so bad if they had their top guys lighting the lamp more often. If the Flyers want to turn this season around, they need their top guys back. It seems that they have been absent this whole season … something needs to change.

Gain New Ownership

rip ed snider

Ever since former owner Ed Snider’s unfortunate passing in 2016, the Flyers have had no soul. With Snider’s death, the Flyers were left ownerless. But, someone stepped up … nay, not someone … but something: a corporation, in Comcast. When the time came to it, the Flyers had no one to turn too and were bought by a horrible corporation … this team lacks so much heart. One thing that is telling of this is that tickets to go seem the boys pay in The Farg’ are still very expensive; even though the team just lost 10 games in a row and are one of the worst teams in the league. Comcast is a fine company, but they should not be owning a professional hockey team.

I do not know how it works, but the Flyers need a new owner fast. When the team does bad, it seems that there is no spokesperson for the team to explain what is going wrong. I swear I have watched Claude Giroux say the same line in every post-game conference, repeating the line, “Ah you know, it’s a team effort yah know. You just gotta roll with the punches and get ready for the next one eh”. It feels like this team is owned by a ghost that hates its fans. The Flyers have as much soul as its soulless owner in Comcast. Comcast, do better.

Our Defense Is An Issue

When your top defenseman in Provorov looks like a pile of horse-sh*t, you got a problem. Theoretically, our top pair should be very good. But, since Provy is in a slump, and Ellis has been hurt all year, they look more like the third pairing. The second pair, consisting of Sanheim and Ristolainen, is not good. Sanheim is not very gifted, and in my opinion, is a bust; he makes so many mistakes. Ristolainen is good physically but looks like a traffic cone out on the ice.

And do not even get me started on the third pair. Braun is having a strong year, but Keith Yandle looks way past his prime. If you thought he was going to be Niskanen 2.0, you thought wrong, Keith looks like he is 50 years old out there … he cannot keep up with the younger skaters. And last but not least, our goalie tandem. With virtually no help from this team, the tandem of Carter hart and Martin Jones has been surprisingly solid.

So, in total everything is wrong with this team. What do you think needs to be fixed first? What is the most important thing that needs to change?

Thank you for reading!

By: Ryan Meyer (@RyanLMeyer)

Photo Credit: Section 215, Wikipedia, NBC, The Inquirer

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