Best and Worst Claude Giroux Trades from CapFriendly’s Armchair GM Tool

The fate of Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux has been at the forefront of the discussion ahead of the upcoming trade deadline now just a month away. A few weeks back, we looked at some trade deadline suggestions from CapFriendly’s Armchair GM tool, and now fans are dropping their best deals for the Flyers captain to various teams across the league, so let’s return and gauge the best and worst fan-proposed trade deadline scenarios surrounding Claude Giroux.


My Random Giroux Mocks by Sicksi

The Giroux-to-Colorado rumors are just about endless these days and it seems like a new player is featured on the Avalanche side every time a new scenario is proposed, but this is more than likely the return the Flyers can expect to get if they deal their captain to Colorado. Drew Helleson is a 2019 second round pick that is currently playing at Boston College, who, fun fact, was Cam York’s defense partner at the World Juniors. He’ll turn 21 a couple days after the trade deadline and is still unsigned by the Avalanche. He’s a right-handed defenseman, something the Flyers could desperately use in the system. Jost is a 23-year-old depth forward who has one year left on his current deal at a $2 million cap hit.

A defense prospect, a young forward on the roster and a 2023 first round pick is the icing on the cake. This may be as good as it will get for the Flyers in the real world.


giroux trade- Does Minnesota say no to this by vinny82

Marco Rossi and a first round pick is about the absolute highest return the Flyers could ask for Giroux. A 20-year-old former first round pick who is currently over a point-per-game player in the AHL during his rookie season plus a first rounder on top of that. Frost seems useless in this scenario given his individual trade value has to be pretty low these days, but he’s still 23 and has some upside, so Minnesota may want someone to help cushion the loss of Rossi.

Does this trade happen? Probably not. Is it the kind of deal the Flyers should demand for Giroux? Yes.


Time for a mini reset by thepmofgreece

Pittsburgh really hasn’t been in the rumor mill when it comes to a Giroux trade, which for the Flyers’ faithful is probably a good thing. It’d be a reality-bending, brain melting reality to see G in black and gold. Kapanen is about to turn 26 and has posted lackluster number in the NHL, probably not the roster player the Flyers would ideally take back, but a 2023 first and potentially a pair of seconds is certainly a solid return on the draft capital side. Staying within the Conference, or even the division means the Flyers can squeeze more out of a team desperate for Giroux than they could a West team.



ideal no debate by porkchops223344

Florida has seemingly lingered in the shadows when it comes to a Giroux trade, a team willing to do their due diligence but may not come to play ball. The reason being is they don’t really have cap space and are rather limited in the prospect pool. Owen Tippett was a 10th overall pick in 2017 and currently has 33 points in 94 NHL games. Vatrano is a 28-year-old depth forward who’s on an expiring contract. A 2023 first rounder is nice, but one project youngster and a depth veteran forward just isn’t enough to part with Giroux.


Giroux to Avalanche by Dmh1055

You can’t do a deal with the Avalanche and walk away without one of their copious top prospects. Jost is fine, but can’t be the crown jewel of the deal. Roland McKeown is a second round pick in 2014 but has only played 10 NHL games during his career in the 2017-18 season. Now 26-years-old he has very little full-time NHL potential. The 2023 first rounder is nice, but if this was the trade that gets delivered to us on deadline day, there may very well be an angry mob surrounding the Wells Fargo Center before sundown.


Flyers TDL by Boomer125

Most people are guilty of overvaluing Giroux, this is one of the very few that undervalued him. Dubé is a soon-to-be 24-year-old second round pick in 2016. He’s got 24 goals and 57 points in 168 NHL games and primarily plays in the Flames’ bottom six. Considering Calgary has been one of the best teams in the West this season, the 2022 first round pick won’t be high enough to be enticing on its own. It wouldn’t be a terrible starting point for Giroux, but it’s nowhere near close enough to fair value.


Team of trouble by Hammerwise

The Caps really haven’t been mentioned in the G rumor mill. Garnet Hathaway is a 30-year-old physical depth forward, Michael Kempny is a 31-year-old depth defenseman and Vincent Iorio is a 19-year-old right-handed defenseman and former second round pick in 2021. Hathaway has one year left on his current deal at $1.5 million, Kempny’s $2.5 million contract expires this year, and the Caps just signed Iorio to his ELC.

Two veteran depth players and one lukewarm defense prospect isn’t going to cut it.


Needs Work

My Random Giroux Mocks by Sicksi

Boston is actually one of the more interesting places for a Giroux trade to go down. They’re a team that may only have a year or two left for potential deep playoff runs, so trying to pry away 2023 draft picks could be a sneaky good move by the Flyers. If Boston fails next season, Philly would get a higher pick in a very deep draft. Jake DeBrusk is a middle six winger, and even if his ceiling isn’t much higher than what we’ve seen, he’s still a 20-goal, 40-point guy. If the Flyers can get the Bruins’ 2023 first too, it could be a pretty good value for Giroux.


Giroux to Blues by Dmh1055

The Blues have emerged as potential suitors for Giroux, but they’re not exactly loaded when it comes to prospects. Logan Brown is a 24-year-old former 11th overall pick in 2016. He’s been an NHL/AHL tweener since the 2018-19 season with just 47 NHL games under his belt. Scandella is a 32-year-old left handed defenseman who has two years left at $3.2 million cap hit. A veteran left-handed defenseman is pretty low on the Flyers’ wishlist, but a 2023 first round pick and a 2024 second round pick help make up for it.

In an ideal world, the Blues would give up someone like Zachary Bolduc and a first round pick. Brown, while still developing, is reaching that point where you’d like to start seeing full-time NHL minutes. He’d be a good complimentary piece, but a trade can’t be based around him. It’s a good start from St. Louis, but not enough to snag Giroux.


By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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