Top 5: Current Flyers That Won’t Be Here Next Season

Another Philadelphia Flyers season is just about lost and it has left the front office scrambling for answers to right the ship. It seems as though a full on rebuild is off the table, so more than likely Chuck Fletcher goes hog wild in the trade scene flushing out the half of the roster he didn’t touch last summer. While everyone on the team should have a price for the desperate Flyers, who is more likely to get a one-way ticket out of Philadelphia this summer?

Number 5: Oskar Lindblom

The Flyers are in quite a pickle when it comes to Oskar Lindblom. They gave him a 3x$3 million contract upon his return from cancer hoping that he could rekindle some of the goal scoring potential he had before his diagnosis. That never really happened and now Lindblom doesn’t seem to have a place on the roster. He’s got one year left on his deal, so it’s not impossible they keep him around, but if they Flyers intend on adding a big name or two this summer, the guy making $3 million in your bottom six is an easy option to dump to save a few dollars. It won’t be a pretty PR move, but financially speaking, it wouldn’t be surprising if Lindblom finds himself on the trade block.

Number 4: Scott Laughton

The second $3 million bottom six forward the Flyers have is Scott Laughton, but he’s still got four years left on his current contract. Even with the term, Laughton should pique the attention of any team looking for a versatile middle-six forward. He’s got more trade value than someone like Lindblom, but he has also seemingly risen through the ranks in the locker room to become a leader on the team, so depending on what the team values most, he may or may not return to Philadelphia next season.

Number 3: Travis Konecny

Rumor has it that Fletcher approached Konecny last summer and basically said “we could’ve traded you but we didn’t” and that was supposed to light a fire under the soon-to-be 25-year-old, but it clearly didn’t. He’s had yet another underwhelming season and, even if it has damaged his overall value, it feels like a split between the two is destined to happen. With holes elsewhere in the lineup to fill and an abundance of middle-six wingers, TK’s spot on the roster should be anything but a sure thing headed into the offseason.

Number 2: Travis Sanheim

The Flyers’ prospect pipeline is running a bit thin except for their depth on the left side of the defense. Cam York and Egor Zamula are going to be breathing down the neck of Travis Sanheim and both the youngsters are on their entry-level deals, meaning if the Flyers want a few extra bucks to spend elsewhere in the lineup, Sanheim could be a decent trade chip and an ideal way to shed some salary. He has had the best season of his career in 2021-22, so they’d be selling high on the 26-year-old, which, when it comes to “hockey trades,” could net them some serious value in return.

Number 1: James Van Riemsdyk

JVR still has one year left on his current deal with a $7 million cap hit. It seems inevitable that he doesn’t return to Philadelphia one way or another next season, but with a buyout looking like the wrong path to take, it means somehow, someway, they’ll have to deal him via trade. Whether that means straight up dumping his salary or retaining part of his cap hit for a team that feels they could use him, James Van Riemsdyk’s days as a Flyer seem numbered.

Honorable mention

Morgan Frost

Morgan Frost has continued to be thoroughly underwhelming and doesn’t seem to have a guaranteed roster spot locked down in Philly. His trade value has probably taken a significant hit thanks to his lack of production, but some team out there could be interested in taking a waiver on the youngster and it could help the Flyers in either securing a bigger deal, or help a team eat the cap hit of JVR, either way, Frost’s best value to the organization right now is as a trade chip.

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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