What Other Fanbases Think of the Flyers at the Trade Deadline

As the NHL trade deadline inches closer, we’ve looked at various trade scenarios on CapFriendly’s Armchair GM fan-created theories recently, but they’ve always been from the perspective of Flyers fans. Well, if you browse through every team’s suggestions on the main menu, you can see other team’s fans that have included the Flyers in their scenario. So why not go through and see how other fans assess the current value on the Flyers’ roster!

For what it’s worth, most of the deals I came across were more reasonable than I thought they’d be. Justin Braun or Derick Brassard for a draft pick or two, Giroux-to-Colorado trades with the same mix of prospects our own fanbase has been crafting for weeks, but there are a few deals that, for better or worse, were eye catching. Below are the most notable deals I came across.

Sanheim by Zizzle

The first of three deals centered around Sanheim is probably the most “meh” option. Kostin is a former first round pick in 2017, but has played predominantly in a bottom line role during his first full NHL season. Scandella is a 32-year-old left-handed defenseman with two years left on his current contract at a $3.2 million cap hit. and Jake Walman is a 26-year-old fringe NHL defenseman with just 51 games under his belt. It’s not the worst deal they could muster (and not even the worst on this list), but if this trade were completed on deadline day, a whole lotta Flyers fans are going to be angry.


Leafs- get it done now by HollywoodHudson

Quite a few Leafs’ fans proposals involved the Flyers, and most of them looked similar to this. They clearly feel ready to compete and for the franchise to spare no expense to get them to the Cup… or at least past the first round. Engvall is a bottom-six forward and Justin Holl has been used as a second pair right-handed defenseman. Steeves is an undrafted college player who signed with the team in 2021 and Holmberg is a depth forward who was a sixth round pick in 2018. Individually, there’s nothing overly amazing here, especially since the first rounder would be in 2024, but is the collective picture about as good as it’s going to get from just about any team? Probably.


Philly fans yes no by Tavahews

Here’s a Leafs deal that I found much more interesting. Dermott is another depth defenseman and Der-Arguchintsev is a 21-year-old 2018 third round pick. It’s still a various assortment of depth players and picks, though that 2023 first rounder is a nice upgrade, but this time it’s for Scott Laughton and Rasmus Ristolainen. It’d be quite the return for a defenseman who doesn’t want to be in Philly and a bottom-six forward, though this one feels very unlikely to have legs in real life.


Habs TDL OFFSZN by Cabbie91

There were a few PHI/MTL trades that featured Ratcliffe and I was baffled as to why, well it turns out he and Nick Suzuki were teammates in juniors during Guelph’s OHL Championship in 2019. Even though Ratcliffe has taken everyone by surprise and has played very well during his first NHL call up after years of nothing happening hockey in the AHL, a right-handed defenseman is much higher on the priority list for the Flyers than a depth forward. This would be an idea price for the Flyers to pay on Petry, as his struggles this season make it hard to justify giving up much more.


Cheating 101 by NoDeke

While Flyers fans have spent the last few weeks arguing which random prospect they’d want from Colorado, the Avalanche fans are prepared to offer multiple faceless prospects with the catch that they throw in Sean Couturier as well. In this scenario, at least they’d take on his full contract which is a perk, but this just isn’t a big enough return for both players. Most Flyers fans would be disappointed if this was the return for Giroux alone.


TDL 2022 by Oilers_Diehard_71

Barrie was on our “players to avoid” list last offseason after cashing in on a season where he saw top powerplay minutes with Connor McDavid, and he hasn’t been able to replicate that same output this season. He’s got two years left at $4.5 million, but he is a right-handed defenseman who has experience on the powerplay, two qualities the Flyers are looking for right now. Given they’d get a roster player back for two rentals, it’d be hard to complain, but are they looking for someone like Barrie?

A depth defenseman who sees most of his success come on the powerplay making $4.5 million a season. Remind you of anyone?


Trade Deadline by Hemskyisgoat

Bourgault was the Oilers’ 2021 first round pick who is currently a 19-year-old forward with the Shawinigan Cataractes in the QMHJL. The draft picks aren’t overly enticing even though they’re both in 2023, so it comes down to whether or not you’d settle for Sanheim for an already drafted prospect. Chances are this deal wouldn’t happen and the Flyers would look for a much higher return if they deal Sanheim.


Change of Leadership in WINNIPEG by Korax

We pitched a deal similar to this in a previous CapFriendly piece that seemed to be popular with Flyers fans. The Flyers desperately need a high-end center and Konecny could potentially become expandable in a deal for one. Ratcliffe, even though he has looked really good in a short sample size, still has a relatively low ceiling in the NHL. Tyson Foerster, their 20-year-old 2020 first round pick, would be the much bigger gamble to lose. He has shown promise at the AHL level as a serious goal scorer in his own right. Scheifele has 42 points in 47 games this season and has fired at a point-per-game clip in each of the last four seasons. Winnipeg gets a few young pieces and the Flyers get a boost down the middle, seems like a win-win situation.


Montreal Canadiens by cody_tugak

Here’s a different deal for Sanheim that is a little more palatable. Byron is a depth forward coming back from hip surgery making $3.4 million for one more season. Caufield is a 21-year-old up-and-coming goal scorer who, after an impressive playoff run last season, is failing to make a serious impact with the lackluster Canadiens. Would Montreal do this deal? It seems unlikely, but a 21-year-old potential sniper is a respectable return for Sanheim. If this deal were to come across Chuck Fletcher’s desk, he should seriously consider it.


Let all UFAs walk by Hockeyman1208

Don’t know if this deal was done as a parody or not, but giving back two players who were previously Flyers is objectively hilarious. Cam Talbot, who is besties with Carter Hart, was here for a four game stint in 2019, but thanks to horrible usage he fled in free agency, and Hartman was the main return in the Wayne Simmonds trade in 2019, but was dealt away during the offseason for Tyler Pitlick. Talbot has one year left at $3.6 million, which that alone should shut down the entire trade, and Hartman has two years left at a $1.7 million aav. The Flyers aren’t giving up their 2022 first round pick they fought hard… or not… to acquire, and even though both players could carve out spots on the roster again, financially speaking, would be difficult to make happen, and possibly emotionally speaking, that ship has long since sailed.


By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: capfriendly.com / nhl.com

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