The Philadelphia Flyers Need New Jerseys

When talking about the Philadelphia Flyers in 2022, there are a lot of things to complain about and fix, though one thing that desperately needs fixing that has gone under the radar is their jerseys. The current Flyers unis have a mixed reactions from the fanbase. Some really like them, others, well not so much. One thing that can be agreed on is that the current jerseys are worn out and could desperately use a facelift.

Now that Claude Giroux is gone, it feels like the dawn of a new era in Flyers hockey. Why not mark the occasion with new jerseys? The current unis took hold in 2010, when they took the white jerseys from the 2010 Winter Classic and the orange jerseys they were utilizing as alternates since 2008, in the process ditching the short-lived Reebok Edge jerseys that debuted in 2007.

The potential downside when calling for new jerseys, it’s the perfect chance for Adidas and the Flyers organization to big brain something that doesn’t need it. Some groundbreaking new concepts that a bunch of suits sitting around in a conference room thought up. No need to make something this simple more complicated than it needs to be.


The Flyers have had various jerseys over the last few seasons that could tease plans for the future. The 2021 reverse retro series brought back a form of the beloved jerseys from the 80’s and 90’s, and the real vintage 1990’s blood orange and black jerseys returned for the Hall of Fame Alumni game earlier this season.

While the Flyers have ditched the 2019 Stadium Series unis after just a couple games, they have continued to use the one-dimensional all black logo that adorned those jerseys in different branding campaigns. There’s been no sign of bringing the Stadium Series jerseys back, but the occasional use of the logo could be dropping breadcrumbs for future use.

New Home

If you’re going for a new home jersey, it would be best to put orange on the back burner for a while and give the fane what they want- black jerseys. The gorgeous yet straightforward vintage late 1990’s and early 2000’s bring fans back to a better time. You more than likely either grew up watching these or have fond memories of Eric Lindros and John LeClair dominating the league in these jerseys.

New Away

The classic white jerseys had the longest reign in Flyers’ history when it came to jersey design for a simple reason- they’re perfect. First showing up in 1982 and lasting all the way until Reebok Edge took over in 2007, fans from any era would love to see these beauties return.

New Alternate

The alternate jerseys seem like a good chance to change things up. Rather than keep the current home jersey as an alternate or bring back the orange 90’s jersey, bring the 2019 Stadium Series unis back. The jerseys are simple but unique. It’s a completely different shade of orange, opting for more of a rust color versus highlighter orange, and it features a slightly different logo as well. It can also be a subtle nod to two fan favorite Flyers, Wayne Simmonds, who played his last game in Philadelphia in these jerseys, and Claude Giroux, who won the game in overtime.

2022 Reverse Retro

Rather than attempting another inverse redesign of the 1990’s jerseys, why not do something cool and use the 2012 Winter Classic jerseys. They were used as alternates from 2014 to 2016 and were arguably the most visually pleasing Flyers jersey. In fact, the Adirondack Phantoms used a jersey very similar during their 2011 Outdoor Classic with the same design that the Flyers would use, but with creme being the base color, making the perfect vintage look. It once again stays away from the overuse of orange, yet provides a gorgeous jersey that will surely sell big time.

What We Don’t Want

Had a horrifying idea while crafting this piece, what if they brought back the 50th anniversary jerseys for the 2022 reverse retros but gold is the base color? It seems highly unlikely this would happen, but put nothing past the limited IQ of the Flyers front office and Adidas.

Probably just best to stay away from the 2008 Reebok Edge shoulder pad jerseys too. Even though they were present during a very fun era of Flyers hockey, their short-lived status in the first place means they’re better off in the past.

It’s also possible they just reverse the Reverse Retro, with black serving as the base color and orange as the sleeve yoke. If they’re bringing back the Reverse Retro concept, tackle a different style jersey. Maybe a new take on the mid-2000’s chrome jerseys.


These may not be “new” jerseys, but as stated, they don’t have to big brain this. Any kid who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s would love to rock their favorite jerseys from that era with modern day players on them. If the team just brought back the vintage black, white and potentially blood orange setup, the franchise would be rolling in so much god damn money Dave Scott could retire for a second time.

If they try to create new jerseys, the reception will be hot and cold. Look no further than the 2021 Reverse Retros for that theory to be proven true. Instead of tweaking the classics or mocking up something brand new entirely, just go with what works that will be universally loved.

A black home jersey and a white away, both in a style people love, then throw in a similar but different alternate and a beautiful reverse retro. Just look at this set and tell my you don’t love it.


By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: / / Getty images /

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