Fourth Annual Brotherly Puck Awards

It’s that time of year again! The Brotherly Puck Awards are here! All members of the Brotherly Puck and Brotherly Pod staff were given a vote, and from those results Twitter polls were crafted so you, the Brotherly Puck fans, could weigh in too!

Mike Knuble Most Improved Player Award

Staff Vote- Carter Hart

Fan Vote- Travis Sanheim

The most improved player was a split decision between the staff and fans, but at the end of the day, both of the top candidates walked away with their award. Despite neither one of their individual numbers being overly impressive, both Hart and Sanheim made huge personal gains this season and were the backbone of the backend on this team.

Kimmo Timonen MVP Award

Staff Vote- Carter Hart

Fan Vote- Cam Atkinson

As noted, Hart’s numbers may not have been spectacular, but he absolutely game the team a chance to win every night with his play. Atkinson took a page straight out of the Bryce Harper playbook and embraced the city of Philadelphia, and was a big success on the ice. He led the team in both goals and points until a late season injury forced him to miss the last nine games, where he was ultimately passed in both categories.

Simon Gagne Offensive Player of the Year

Staff Vote- Cam Atkinson

Fan Vote- Cam Atkinson

With 23 goals and 50 points in 73 games, Cam Atkinson was easily the most well rounded offensive player on the ice for the Flyers this season. He was one third of the only notable line, the F-A-B trio alongside Farabee and Atkinson. Had those two stayed healthy all season, or the team was better in general, Atkinson probably could’ve looked ever better.

Samuel Morin Defensive Player of the Year

Staff Vote- Travis Sanheim

Fan Vote- Travis Sanheim

Travis Sanheim’s emergence as a competent NHL defenseman was one of the only pleasant surprises of the 2021-22 season. He finally found his offensive ability that we haven’t seen since his days in Lehigh Valley, and he wasn’t a complete disaster in his own end either.

Steve Mason Goaltender of the Year

Staff Vote- Carter Hart

Fan Vote- Carter Hart

Hart’s numbers may be pedestrian, rocking just a 3.16 goals against average and .905 save percentage, but it was a huge increase from his 2020-21 season and don’t tell the story as to just how good he really was this year. And besides, who was his competition for this award?

Richards/Carter Duo of the Year

Staff Vote- Travis Sanheim and Rasmus Ristolainen

Fan Vote- Travis Sanheim and Rasmus Ristolainen

Going into the season, it’s safe to say a vast majority of people didn’t think the odd couple pairing of Travis Sanheim and Rasmus Ristolainen would work. To everyone’s surprise, they were a great duo throughout the year and both players had better than expected campaigns. You can argue who was more responsible for the turnaround, but at the end of the day, they worked well together. That is undeniable.

Eric Desjardins Unsung Hero Award

Staff Vote- Justin Braun

Fan Vote- Zack MacEwen

Justin Braun absolutely deserves the nod as unsung hero, he’d been playing over his head on the top pair for the better part of two seasons before he was traded to the Rangers, but giving Zack MacEwen his credit is more than fair. He may have been the only guy to show up on a nightly basis and do his job. He may not have been the best player on the ice, but he was one of the hardest working.

Ilya Bryzgalov Most Quotable Award

Staff Vote- Dave Scott

Fan Vote- Dave Scott

“You see that Gerry Mayhew” and “blank check” are definitely some of the more memorable lines delivered throughout the season. So well done, Dave Scott, you did one thing right, we guess.

Gritty WTF Moment of the Year

Staff Vote- The disappearance of Ryan Ellis

Fan Vote- The McCrossin lawsuit

There was about a dozen different options to choose from in the “WTF” category, but their big 2021 offseason acquisition only playing four games with a mystery lower-body injury and two longtime team employees suing the team after being diagnosed with rare cancer are atop the list.

Wayne Simmonds Leadership Award

Staff Vote- Cam Atkinson

Fan Vote- Nobody

Nobody is a more than fair answer given how awful the team was, but Cam Atkinson’s arrival and subsequent rise to the top of the stat sheet makes his vote just as valid. He’s a new voice in the room and seemingly one of the more genuine human beings on the team.

Staff Awards

Brotherly Pod Co-Host of the Year

Phyllis Ceci

Phyllis has actually been a member of Brotherly Puck for a few years now, but this was her debut season for Brotherly Pod as one-third of Sisterly Pod. She fit right into a tight knit group of hosts and brought a comedic and straight forward approach to the show.

Brotherly Puck Contributor of the Year

Manny Benevides

For the second straight year Manny has led the contributors with his in-depth analysis of CHL prospects.

Past award winners

2018-192019-20 (staff/fan)2020-21 (staff/fan)
Most ImprovedScott LaughtonKonecny/KonecnyFarabee/Farabee
MVPCarter HartCouturier/CouturierGiroux/Giroux
Offensive PlayerSean CouturierKonecny/KonecnyFarabee/Farabee
Defensive PlayerTravis SanheimProvorov/ProvorovCouturier/Couturier
GoaltenderCarter HartGostisbehere/the post
Duo of the YearPatrick/KonecnyProvorov-Niskanen/Hayes-KonecnyGostisbehere-Morin/Jackson-Jones
Unsung HeroOskar LindblomLaughton/LaughtonBraun/Gostisbehere
Most QuotableTravis KonecnyAlain Vigneault/HayesVoracek/Voracek
WTF MomentFlyers are good/Lindblom’s diagnosisMonth of March/9-0 vs NYR
LeadershipClaude GirouxGiroux/Giroux
Co-Host of the YearKatie Bogan
Contributor of the YearManny Benevides

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: Ryan Meyer

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