Deal or No Deal- Would You Make This Trade? Vol. 9

After a lackluster offseason where the Flyers didn’t do anything to turn the team around, the fans have taken to CapFriendly to craft their dream summer and their visions for the future, already writing off the 2022-23 campaign. Whether it be an attempt to continue a rebuild, or adding proven talent to win today, let’s check up on the most recent fan-proposed Flyers’ trade scenarios.

You’re the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers and the proposals below come across your desk, do you make the trade?

Tarasenko by xercuses

The Tarasenko rumors have been around for a full year now and the Flyers have always seemingly been on the outskirts of a potential deal. Torey Krug’s name has also appeared in the rumor mill during the 2022 offseason, so why not try they two-birds, one-stone approach.

Tarasenko, who will turn 31 during the season, is in the last year of a contract that pays him $7.5 million. He posted 34 goals and 82 points in 75 games last season, that comes after missing much of the prior two years with shoulder injuries.

Krug is a 31-year-old left-handed defenseman who has five years left on his current deal at a $6.5 million cap hit. He had nine goals and 43 points last season and is a machine on the powerplay.

Klim Kostin is a 23-year-old former first round pick in 2017 who played primarily on the bottom line for the Blues this year. He’s currently a restricted-free agent awaiting a new deal.

Flyers get an upgrade at forward, albeit older, and swap out Provorov with a LHD who has more success offensively, and give up two draft picks to split the difference.

Would you make this trade?


Cam back to clb by Kaiser1776

Here’s an interesting deal that may suit all parties involved. Cam Atkinson was a breath of fresh air for the Flyers last season, but it’s pretty clear his heart is still in Columbus. After they snagged Johnny Gaudreau in free agency there is clearly a bit more intensity toward the end goal of being a legitimate playoff team.

The Flyers, on the other hand, are still spinning their tires in mediocrity and Atkinson’s $5.8 million cap hit for three more seasons is causing more problems than it solves in the short term. If this deal were to happen, the Blue Jackets would have to move some money around to reacquire Atkinson, but they would probably be inclined to do so for a returning fan favorite.

The Blue Jackets parting ways with two first round picks and a second rounder is a premium price tag to say the least, but it would help fast track the Flyers’ rebuild.

Would you make this trade?


My Custom Roster by thebackwardsman

This is a trade that probably should’ve happened before the offseason began in an effort to clear cap space, but, better late than never, I suppose.

Ironically enough, this trade was proposed before the Blue Jackets traded Oliver Bjorkstrand to Seattle for third and fourth round picks. Konecny’s numbers more or less mirror Bjorkstrand’s which the Dane outsocring him the last two seasons, but TK leading the way the previous three.

Konecny has three years at $5.5 million aav left on his contract.

Would you make this trade?


Chuck Fletcher the Great by RedWings35

Let’s put the fan’s hatred of Ristolainen to the test.

Erik Karlsson, now 32, has five years left at a $11.5 million cap hit. In this case the Sharks would retain $2.5 million, bringing it down to $9 million. He is often injured, not playing more than 56 games since 2017-18, but is still a solid offensive producer when healthy, with 57 points in his last 102 games.

Ristolainen, 28, has five years left at a $5.1 million aav, rounded down to an even $5 mil with the Flyers retaining $100,000.

Flyers get rid of Ristolainen, but at the cost of a 32-year-old, injury prone, very expensive offensive defenseman.

Would you make this trade?


laughing stock of the league by kevg028

In the near future the Flyers will more than likely have to pick one between Ivan Provorov and Travis Sanheim to keep and one to trade away. Considering Sanheim’s contract expires at the end of the season, he may be on the chopping block.

Dealing him to a team on the rise with one of the best prospect pools in the league like the LA Kings would land them 21-year-old center Alex Turcotte, who played his first eight games of NHL action in 2021-22. His young career has been decimated by various injuries, making him a high-risk, high-reward return for someone like Sanheim.

Would you make this trade?


Flyers if hired by Boomer125

This feels like a potential 2023 trade deadline deal in the chance they opt to keep Sanheim and deal Provorov.

The Flyers would get Jake Muzzin, a 33-year-old left-handed defenseman who has two years left on his current deal at $5.6 million, and Rasmus Sandin, a 22-year-old left handed defenseman who is currently a restricted free agent in need of a new contract.

They also get a first round pick for their troubles.

Muzzin makes the cap work and gives the Flyers a replacement for one year, and Sandin gives them another defensive prospect, who is still trying to find his footing at the NHL level. His brother Linus plays for the Phantoms.

Would you make this trade?


My Dream Scenario by Vfg103

Alright, I know this one doesn’t hold any weight in reality, in fact it feels ripped right out of NHL21, but I did giggle when I saw it, so it had to be brought to one of these lists for the world to see.

Considering the original plan for backup goaltender is currently in a Russian gulag, the Flyers are going to need someone to split time with Carter Hart. Now 36 years old, Jonathan Quick, who is in the last year of a contract that pays him $5.8 million this season, can be had for a cocktail of seven draft picks spread over the course of the next three years. One second rounder, two third rounders and four fourth round picks.

seven mid-round picks for a quality backup goaltender.

Would you make this trade?


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By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)


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