Predicting the Flyers 2022-23 Win/Loss Schedule

The 2022-23 Philadelphia Flyers season is almost upon us! The excitement from the fans at the dawn of a new season has never been lower, but it won’t stop a masochistic fanbase from sitting in front of their TVs every night an hate-watch the Philadelphia Flyers for another season.

For the 2022-23 season, we’re predicting an overall 33-38-11 record for 77 points. That record would’ve been 12th worst in the league and 20 points out of the second wild card spot in the east during the 2021-22 season.

The Flyers finished the 2021-22 season with a 25-50-7 record for 61 points and fourth worst in the league.

During the last five full 82-game seasons (2015-2019), the second wild card spot has finished with 98 points, 97 points, 95 points, 96 points, and 98 points, with the Caps registering 100 points as the second wildcard team last season.

Below is the game-by-game schedule predictions.


Oct 13vs NJDW
Oct 15vs VANW
Oct 18@ TBLL
Oct 19@ FLAL
Oct 22@ NSHOTL
Oct 23vs SJSW
Oct 27vs FLAL
Oct 29vs CARL
3-4-1 in October


Nov 1@ NYRL
Nov 8vs STLW
Nov 10@ CBJL
Nov 12vs OTTL
Nov 13vs DALW
Nov 15@ CBJOTL
Nov 17@ BOSW
Nov 19@ MTLW
Nov 21vs CGYL
Nov 23@ WSHW
Nov 25vs PITW
Nov 26@ NYIL
Nov 29vs NYIW
7-5-3 in November


Dec 1vs TBLL
Dec 3vs NJDOTL
Dec 5vs COLL
Dec 7vs WSHL
Dec 9@ VGKW
Dec 11@ ARZW
Dec 13@ COLL
Dec 15@ NJDW
Dec 17vs NYRL
Dec 20vs CBJW
Dec 22@ TORL
Dec 23@ CARL
Dec 29@ SJSW
Dec 31@ LAKL
5-8-1 in December


Jan 2@ ANAW
Jan 5vs ARZW
Jan 8vs TORL
Jan 11vs WSHL
Jan 14@ WSHOTL
Jan 16@ BOSL
Jan 17vs ANAOTL
Jan 19vs CHIW
Jan 21@ DETL
Jan 22vs WPGW
Jan 24vs LAKOTL
Jan 26@ MINW
Jan 28@ WPGW
6-4-3 in January


Feb 6vs NYIL
Feb 9vs EDML
Feb 11vs NSHL
Feb 12vs SEAW
Feb 16@ SEAW
Feb 18@ VANW
Feb 20@ CGYL
Feb 21@ EDML
Feb 24vs MTLW
Feb 25@ NJDL
4-6-0 in February


Mar 1vs NYROTL
Mar 4@ BUFW
Mar 5vs DETL
Mar 7@ TBLL
Mar 9@ CARL
Mar 11@ PITW
Mar 14vs VGKW
Mar 17vs BUFL
Mar 18vs CARL
Mar 21vs FLAL
Mar 23vs MINW
Mar 25vs DETW
Mar 28vs MTLOTL
Mar 30@ OTTW
6-6-2 in March


Apr 1vs BUFL
Apr 2@ PITL
Apr 4@ STLL
Apr 6@ DALW
Apr 8@ NYIL
Apr 9vs BOSOTL
Apr 11vs CBJL
Apr 13@ CHIW
2-5-1 in April


By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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