Top 5: Flyers Things We’re Thankful For

The Thanksgiving season is here and while we’re all getting ready to stuff our faces with turkey and talk to family members we don’t like, why not take a minutes to talk about the things we’re thankful for when it comes to the Philadelphia Flyers? After all, there are so many things going right for the Flyers these days, it’s so hard to narrow it down to just five!

Number 5: Nick Seeler

Every once in awhile a free agent signing changes the plans of an organization, and that’s exactly what Nick Seeler has done for the Flyers. Originally drafted by Chuck Fletcher in Minnesota, he signed with the Flyers in free agency during the 2021 offseason and re-signed with the club for two years in 2022. He’s played so well that the organization is willing to tank the careers of their two top defense prospects in Cam York and Egor Zamula in the name of giving Nick Seeeler ice time because he’s so damn good it’s a risk they just have to take. His 13 minutes a night put him in Norris discussion and potentially in the running for the Hart Trophy as well. Who needs Cam York when ya got Nick Seeler.

Number 4: Sean Couturier

Aren’t we blessed to have a leader like Sean Couturier? His 12 NHL seasons will only be eclipsed by the seven more he’s signed for. Few players only break the 20-goal plateau three times in their career. Thank God he signed for $7.7 million instead of $9. What a steal! And don’t forget, one Selke Trophy makes him just as good as five-time winner Patrice Bergeron. His 460 points are nose to nose with Bergeron’s 1,000 as well. His perfect attendance and pristine injury history means he’ll be a functioning member of this team for years to come, they may even re-sign him in 2030 when his current contract expires!

Number 3: Morgan Frost

Morgan Frost is what every team dreams of drafting in the first round, a random center who completes one pass every six games! He’s barely an NHLer but it’s ok, he’s only been in the NHL for four seasons, we all know generational stars take at least a decade to develop into top six forwards. Every team’s top star goes on 17-game goalless droughts. We can’t judge him until he turns 30, though, so he’s still got plenty of time to develop. I’m sure Claude Giroux jr. will come around any day now.

Number 2: Long term Contracts

When your team is as successful as the Flyers, it’s very important to lock every last player up to multi-year extensions. Who needs free agent signing and freedom to make trades when you could have Rasmus Ristolainen and Travis Sanheim under contract until at least 2027? The man behind the genius should be given some kind of credit, and that brings us to…

Number 1: Chuck Fletcher

Some general managers just define excellence and Chuck Fletcher is building a dynasty in Philly. He brought the Flyers to the playoffs just a single time in four years, but they made it to the second round for the first time since 2012. Neat! He’s negotiated such masterpiece contracts like Sean Couturier’s extension and a legendary free agent like Nic Deslauriers. When all is said and done he’s going to have a statue outside the Wells Fargo Center enshrining his legendary career, it’ll be right next to Kate Smith.


By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: @NHLFlyers


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