Deal or No Deal- Would You Make This Trade? Vol. 14

‘Tis the holiday season! We’re quickly approaching the midway point of the 2022-23 season and the trade deadline in early March in starting to appear on the horizon. As teams start to sort themselves out in the standings and each team sorts out the standings of their current players, the early developments of the trade block are starting to form. It’s leading fans to CapFriendly’s armchair GM tool to craft trade scenarios, and we’ve once again gone through and picked out our favorites for the Brotherly Puck readers to vote on.

You’re the GM of the Flyers and the proposals below come across your desk, do you make the trade?

If Chuck leaves by pj007

Whether or not trading Ivan Provorov is the right move, it sure seems like a possibility in the near future. In this scenario, he’d get dealt to the LA Kings, along with top goaltending prospect 23-year-old Sam Ersson in exchange for 19-year-old RHD prospect Brandt Clarke and a pair of draft picks.

Clarke, who was the 8th overall pick in 2021, is a highly touted right-handed defense prospect, a hole the Flyers are currently looking to fill. The Kings currently sit third in the Pacific division, so their 2023 first rounder will more than likely sit somewhere in the middle of the pack, and they’d throw in a 2024 second, a pick the Flyers currently don’t own after giving up theirs in the Tony DeAngelo trade.

Sam Ersson was a fifth round pick in 2018 and is currently posting solid numbers in his first full AHL season, with a 2.50 goals against average and .918 save percentage. Though with Carter Hart still just 24 years old, Ersson may not have a long-term spot in the NHL with the Flyers.

Would you make this trade?


Briere by Lights

Here’s a big brain move where the Flyers not only sell TK, but also gain assets for taking on a bad contract and temporarily filling a gaping hole at center.

Ryan Johansen, now 30, has two years left at a $8 million cap hit. He’s a natural center with 16 points in 29 games this season, he has primarily failed to live up to his early career success in Columbus during his time in Nashville.

Tanner Jeannot is a 25-year-old winger who found himself in the Calder debate last season when he scored 24 goals and 41 points in 81 games along with a whopping 130 penalty minutes, though he’s got just six points in 29 games this season.

The Flyers take on a bad contract, add a rehab project winger and three draft picks including a more-than-likely top 10 first rounder in 2023 in exchange for Konecny.

Would you make this trade?


deadline by Braisman7

Brock Boeser is having a noteworthy season in Vancouver for all the wrong reasons. He has 16 points in 22 games, but just four of those are goals as he’s looked completely lost in the woods when it comes to putting the puck in the net. He’s hit the 20-goal plateau in four of his previous five seasons. He’ll turn 26 in February and has two years left at a $6.6 million cap hit.

Atkinson, now 33, has two years left on his current deal at a $5.87 million cap hit. He has missed all of the 2022-23 season with an undisclosed injury and recently ended up on IR after a failed comeback.

Owen Tippett, who turns 24, also in February, has eight goals and 14 points in 27 games this season. He continues to show signs of promise, but has yet to truly break out.

The Flyers ditch Atkinson and take a high-risk, high reward potential upgrade over Tippett.

Would you make this trade?


would Washington sell Wison give where the team is at by leafs101

Here’s another instance of selling high on Konecny, but with a bit of a twist.

Topi Niemela is a 20-year-old right-handed defenseman that was a third round pick in 2020. He was ranked in the top 10 of European skaters during his draft year. He has yet to make his North American debut, but his potential is considered high-end.

Now, in this scenario, the Flyers would retain half of the remaining cap of Konecny’s contract, which would boil down to $2.75 million for two additional seasons. It would make Konecny a viable option for the Leafs to add, while retaining $2.75 million for the Flyers is annoying, it doesn’t break the bank and they get a higher return because of it.

The Leafs get a cheap, gritty addition to their forward group, while the Flyers get a top defense prospect plus two first round picks, though neither coming in 2023.

Would you make this trade?


Next year if the Avs got Hayes by Anus_McLeod

Despite currently leading the team in points, Kevin Hayes is embroiled in a feud with John Tortorella because the music between the notes of his game are not up to snuff. It has led many to believe it could be the beginning of the end of Kevin Hayes in Philly.

The Flyers would retain half of the money remaining of the last three years of his contract, a $3,571,428 million per season knock against the cap, but they also free up that same amount to invest elsewhere in the lineup.

If the Flyers want to have any fun in 2023 free agency, they are going to have to deal Hayes. Is retaining half of his cap worth it? Do they look a gift horse in the mouth and balk at retaining cap and draw out his time as a Flyer?

Would you make this trade?


TDL and draft day moves by FighterFoos23

If Provorov hits the trade market, the Red Wings are a team on the rise and in the market for a top left-handed defenseman and could very well be interested in the 26-year-old defenseman.

Elmer Soderblom is a 21-year-old winger who clocks in at an astounding 6’8 and 250lbs. He’s in his rookie season in the NHL and has so far scored three goals in 14 games.

Robby Fabbri is an oft-injured 27-year-old, who still shows tremendous upside when healthy. He’s missed the entirety of the 2022-23 season recovering from his third torn ACL (the first two in his left knee, the current one in his right) though is expected back before the end of the season. He’s got two years left on his current contract at a $4 million cap hit.

The Flyers would also add a first round pick in 2025 as well as a second rounder in the highly anticipated 2023 draft, but is this a good enough return for Provorov?

Would you make this trade?


When fletcher is fired in a month by vinny82

JVR is finally in the last year of his current contract, and in this scenario he’d be shipped to division rivals the New York Rangers in exchange for an interesting prospect and a third round pick.

Vitali Kravtsov is a 23-year-old forward who was the ninth overall pick in 2018, but has so far failed to make an impression with the Rangers. He’s got just 31 games of NHL action under his belt, recording three goals and six points along the way. He’s an RFA at the end of the season.

JVR, who missed most of the season with a broken finger, has scored 11 points in 12 games when healthy and will be the Flyers’ best trade chip at the deadline if he keeps a similar production up for the remainder of the season. They would retain half of his remaining salary to make the deal.

The Flyers ditch a pending-unrestricted free agent for a low-risk, high-reward prospect and an extra draft pick, probably the best return they could realistically seek.

Would you make this trade?

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)


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