Could a Jersey Revamp Be in the Future For the Flyers?

There have been plenty of reasons to be mad and complain about the Flyers, and their jerseys are a somewhat reasonable one to complain about. The Flyers have been wearing their current home and away jerseys have been the primary uniforms since the 2010-11 season. The orange jersey has been in the rotation since being an alternate in the 2008-09 season, and the white jersey was used as the Winter Classic jersey for the 2010 game against the Boston Bruins, though with the noticeable orange captain letter as opposed to the white letter on the current jersey. So, we’ve seen these jerseys for over a decade, a decade filled almost entirely with maddening hockey. These jerseys also aren’t entirely unique as they are a more modern versions of the jerseys from the 60s and 70s.

In a tweet last month, Gabriel Tacuri, a well known jersey enthusiast and “insider”, said that it appears the Flyers will have new home and away jerseys next season. This came to the excitement of many Flyers fans, a lot of them hoping to go back to the other major design in Flyers history: the jerseys primarily used from 1982-2007. You know the ones, those orange and white jerseys that saw two Cup Finals appearances against those oilers of the 80s and that Eric Lindros adorned when he was acquired from Quebec. And you can’t forget the fan favorite black jersey that started as an alternate in the 1997-98 season before becoming the home jersey from the 2001-02 season to thee 2006-07 season. We have seen several teams go back to previous designs with a lot of love in the past couple seasons including the Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames, and Edmonton Oilers. But, before you get too excited, Gabe said that it will be a new design, well, at least the design won’t be based on either reverse retro: 1995 and 1975 respectively.

Gabe also has stated that the design will be new, so no return to the other fan favorite 2012 Winter Classic jersey, nor will the controversial chrome jersey make a comeback. The 50th Anniversary jersey along with both Stadium Series jerseys will not make a comeback. Well, the 2017 Stadium Series styled third jersey will stay, according to Gabe.

As of right now, there is no official announcement, and major jersey tracker Icethetics has said nothing about it, though they focus more on officially known new jerseys. If the rumor from Gabe is true, and the Flyers make an official announcement that they will have a new home and away for the 2023-24 season, expect your twitter feed or whatever feed to be littered with jersey concepts.

Also, if there is a new home jersey coming for the Flyers, it will most likely be unveiled in person on draft night, June 28. It should also be noted that Adidas will no longer be making NHL jerseys after the 2023-24 season. It does seem quite odd for them to make a new primary uniform in their last season. This could mean that maybe the new primary jerseys could be pushed back to 2024-25 to coincide with the new provider, or the new provider is known and the Flyers are working with them now for their new primary jerseys.

By: Noah Caplan (@Phlyers24)
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