What the New Flyers Jerseys Should’ve Looked Like

More details continue to emerge about the Philadelphia Flyers jersey overhaul the organization is going to undergo this summer. This mock-up, created by Ali Murji on Twitter using the SportsLogos.net info from last week is what we can expect the new jerseys to look like.

They feel like glorified practice jerseys or some kind of knockoff you’d buy at Walmart for $8.

The original complaint from a bulk of the fanbase was the lack of black piping along the sleeves and shoulder yoke separating the orange and white. When seen in this form, it feels more forgivable than in the original Chris Creamer mock-up when he photo shopped old pictures of Lindros and LeClair.

It’s basically just a more exaggerated version of the jerseys they’re already wearing. It’s not perfect, but doesn’t look as bad in concept art as it does in the photo shop above.

The lack of any stripe on the bottom feels like the new biggest problem with these jerseys. Going without a tail stripe means they’re not so much a homage to the beloved 90’s jerseys are they are a tribute to a short-lived version of jerseys from the early 80’s instead.

What they should’ve done was simple- just bring back the original jerseys in all their glory, including the black alternates.

How difficult was this? They used the exact old school 90’s design for the 2020 Reverse Retro release. They also broke out both the orange and black jerseys for the alumni game last season. If they wanted to change things, just get rid of the extra stripe on the sleeve cuff and leave everything else the same. A change without a change.

Not sure why teams feel the need to make their jerseys more bland than their previous ones. Carolina, New Jersey and Nashville are all guilty of similar trends. It’s like driving past a McDonald’s when they renovate the restaurant to look like a modern chic office building rather than a fast food joint.

Leave it to the Flyers to screw up something that should’ve been an easy home run. Hopefully there’s still time for the organization to re-consider their choices, because this new look is going to leave many disappointed at what could’ve been.

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: nhluniforms.com / @alimurji1 / @sportslogosnet


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