I Did Tankathon 100 Times

With the Flyers locked in with the seventh-best lottery odds, it was time to use every non-playoff team fan’s favorite tool: Tankathon’s draft lottery simulator! I did it 100 times so you don’t have to, but I’m sure you’re gonna do it as many times as it takes to get the Flyers the first pick. These are the results as of April 13, 2023, at about 11:45 am. The Flyers have a 6.5% chance at the first pick and a 6.9% chance at the second pick. For the seventh, eighth, and ninth pick odds are as follows: 44.4%, 36.5%, and 5.6%.

Obviously, the draft lottery that matters the most is the one on May 10. The main prize is ultimately Connor Bedard, but in a year like this one, a guaranteed top-10 pick is something that the Flyers need and will get a good to a great player. Some players that could be available at seven, since that is the most likely pick we get, should include players like Eduard Sale, Brayden Yager, Will Smith, Oliver Moore, and potentially even Matvei Michkov. Draft Day could get even more interesting with potential trade candidates being Kevin Hayes, Tony DeAngelo, and Ivan Provorov.

By Noah Caplan (@Phlyers24)
Photo creds: Tankathon


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