Is it over yet?

Watching the Flyers play since they returned from the Covid pause forced by a team outbreak has been torture. I love this team fiercely and have for as long as I can remember, but this has been god awful, torture second only to sleep deprivation. As I suffered through both last night I was roughing … Continue reading Is it over yet?

Please Re-Sign Samuel Morin

Bright spots for the Philadelphia Flyers during the 2021 season have been few and far between, yet defenseman-turned-forward-turned-defenseman Samuel Morin is responsible for quite a few of said bright spots. From overcoming two torn ACL's to becoming an NHL regular to scoring his first NHL goal, he has accrued his share of fairy tale moments … Continue reading Please Re-Sign Samuel Morin

What to Really Expect From the Flyers This Summer

It's been a rough season for the Philadelphia Flyers. The hype and potential quickly turned to disappointment and dismay. It has left the fanbase pointing fingers and the front office searching for answers. As much as we'd all like to pull an NHL21 and trade the entire team this offseason, that just isn't a realistic … Continue reading What to Really Expect From the Flyers This Summer

Flyers Upcoming Free Agent Contract Predictions

In 1982 The Clash penned their iconic Should I Stay or Should I Go and 39 years later The Philadelphia Flyers are getting ready to perform their version in the form of upcoming free agents. The Flyers are in for potentially a very busy offseason, but before they look outside the organization for change, they … Continue reading Flyers Upcoming Free Agent Contract Predictions