Ryan Ellis…Shea Weber 2.0

Ryan Ellis is not the first defense savior for the Flyers that did not materialize. Once upon a time, Shea Weber was a Flyer....for about five seconds. Ryan Ellis has made it longer than five seconds, but the disappointment tastes very familiar in the mouths of long time Flyers fans. With the Weber signing, we … Continue reading Ryan Ellis…Shea Weber 2.0

My Flyers Glass Is Half-Full (For This Week)

The Flyers have emerged from their tumultuous 10-game losing skid with back to back wins over the Vegas Golden Knights and Arizona Coyotes, but is this a sign of things to come? With Alain Vigneault out as head coach, that question is now up to the players to decide. In a stacked Metropolitan division where … Continue reading My Flyers Glass Is Half-Full (For This Week)

Is it over yet?

Watching the Flyers play since they returned from the Covid pause forced by a team outbreak has been torture. I love this team fiercely and have for as long as I can remember, but this has been god awful, torture second only to sleep deprivation. As I suffered through both last night I was roughing … Continue reading Is it over yet?

In Defense of Tuuka Rask, and the Flyers, too

The President's Cup winning Boston Bruins were eliminated last night. Normally I would be doing a dance of joy (OK, part of me still is), but since the Flyers face the same fate this evening, my joy is tempered. I logged into my social media accounts a bit late this morning, dreading the end of … Continue reading In Defense of Tuuka Rask, and the Flyers, too

Have a Little Faith

The last time the Flyers won a playoff series was in the 2011-12 season. I have heard that sentence, or some variant of it, so many times since the 2020 playoffs started that I have lost count. If it were a drinking game, I would spend my days and nights comfortably numb. I have also … Continue reading Have a Little Faith

Round 1: Flyers vs Canadiens Game 1 Preview

Playoff Hockey is back everyone, and the 1st seeded Philadelphia Flyers will take on the 8th seeded Montreal Canadiens in game 1 tonight at 8 pm. Carter Hart will face his childhood idol, Carey Price, which will shape up to be a goal-tending match for the ages. Let's look into tonight's match-up and see what … Continue reading Round 1: Flyers vs Canadiens Game 1 Preview