The Fan Experience of the Wells Fargo Center Upgrades

As the preseason starts to transition into the regular season, Flyers fans are starting to get an up close and personal look at the new upgrades to the Wells Fargo Center. I got the chance to attend each home game over the course of last week, and words cannot describe how amazing the renovations are. The brand new concourse is more spacious and has more of a variety of food to eat. The new seats installed are more comfortable than the previous red ones, but the annoying cupholders are still installed. Having one logo now at center ice was something I always wanted, and it looks a lot cleaner than the classic two logos. The old balcony suites are now replaced with the Assembly Room and the Liberty Lofts, and these are beautiful. Let’s not forget the pièce de résistance, the brand new 4K scoreboard which is absolutely spectacular. I will share my experience from each new renovation and how people should check out the new WFC.

The Concourse

The biggest takeaway from the new concours is how spacious it is. New LED boards are scattered across the concourse. There are brand new areas for people to hang out, grab some food and drinks, and have a good time before and during the game. The box office is now moved to the front of the building and replaced with a grab and go food area, with Lorenzo’s Pizza, Chickie’s and Petes, and a bar. The Cure Insurance Club was also renovated just like the old box office space. The PJ Whelihan’s as of right now is blocked off as renovations continue, I am not sure what it will be. Along the line of food stands: Spectrum Favorites can be seen throughout the concourse, Liberty Eats and Federal Doughnuts (this is my favorite stand) are brand new stands for people to try out. For the seats, they feel more comfortable to sit in, and they are now the color black instead of red, but those stupid cupholders will always haunt me, I was never a fan of them.

The Assembly Room and Liberty Lofts

On Saturday all ticket holders had the chance to take a look at the new balcony area, and this place is amazing. Themed to look like the Quaker days of Philadelphia, the Assembly Room is a standing room area, yes you heard me standing room, where people can hang out on couches by a fireplace, or get an overhead view of the action on the ice. There is an open bar and food stand for people who purchased tickets. I still cannot believe this is standing room, it is unbelievable, and tickets are $25 for both Flyers and Sixers games, so people should take advantage of this price. Here is a sneak peak from my snapchat story from the preseason game against the New York Rangers:

The New Scoreboard

At the time of the announcement, the brand new 4K scoreboard was going to be the most technologically advanced scoreboard in any arena. It can expand and retract on any given occasion. Being able to see this in person is simply amazing, words cannot describe how beautiful this scoreboard is. At the first preseason game, it was not stretched out to its full size, which as underwhelming. It was announced during that game that they will not showcase the live expanding of the scoreboard until opening night, but it did not stop them from expanding the scoreboard for the next game against Boston. The whole size of the scoreboard stretches across to both blue lines, and at first it may make you dizzy. I sure felt dizzy when I would look up at it, but you eventually get used to it. Here is what the media was showcased on what the scoreboard looks like in full action.

Via: Dave Isaac

There are high hopes for the Flyers going into this season, but the Wells Fargo Center made sure that every single game will be a more entertaining atmosphere. Let’s hope that the product on the ice will bring more people in to experience the new renovations. The home opener will be October 9th against the New Jersey Devils, we get to see Wayne Simmonds and Jack Hughes, plus all of the amazing changes.

Amedeo Grassia | @AmedeoGrassia98

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Twitter Via: Dave Isaac

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