What Number Will These Players Wear?!?

We saw Joel Farabee shed his rookie number, 49, and come into his own when he chose 86. Morgan Frost still wears 48, Cam York just chose 44 in the minors, and other young players starting to find their way in the league will be changing their numbers when the secure a full-time roster spot. So what numbers are they likely to choose?

Cam York

Cam York has been wearing 4 for a while. He wore 4 at Michigan University and at the 2021 World Juniors. He has worn other numbers, but they’re all multiples of 4: 8 and 32. “But no one is wearing 4, Noah” you’re right, but that’s because 4 is retired for Barry Ashbee. The next logical choice is 44. Go the Gretzky route. When he couldn’t have 9, he chose 99. He is also wearing 44 for the Phantoms, so it seems all but confirmed that we will have 44 back on the blue line.

Morgan Frost

Morgan Frost obviously wears 48 for the Flyers, and I could see this staying the same. In juniors he wore 16, but Bobby Clarke’s 16 is retired. In the AHL he wears 23, but that’s Lindblom’s number. At the World Juniors he wore 26. That’s a viable option, but World Juniors numbers aren’t always numbers players want. Quinton Byfield is 55, but wore 19. I can see Morgan Frost staying with 48, with 26 being a close 2nd.

Tanner Laczynski

At Ohio State he wore 9. His rookie number is 85 (doubtful he keeps that). He wears 58 in the NHL right now. In the AHL he’s 10. He also wore 10 for team USA in international tournaments. Provorov obviously has the number 9 locked up, so most likely he goes 10.

Bobby Brink

I have a very compelling case for him being number 24 in the NHL. He wears 24 for Denver University, wore it for the USNTDP, wore it at the World Juniors this year, and as of right now that number is available. If it becomes unavailable before he makes it to the NHL, some other numbers could be 19, which he wore with the Sioux City Musketeers, but of course that’s taken by Nolan Patrick. He could also end up sticking with his rookie number, 46, But my money is on 24.

Zayde Wisdom

Wisdom is one of the hottest Flyers prospects right now and you’re all probably ready for his jersey. So when making his jersey to order off the NHL site, or somewhere else these are the numbers I’d suggest. My first one is 74. He wore that for the Kingston Frontenacs. Plus, for the Phantoms, he wears 14, which looks like 74, and also that’s taken by Sean Couturier. His rookie number at camp was 60, but that’s doubtful to be the one he chooses. So it looks like 74 is the number you should put on those jerseys. Please note that I am not responsible if you buy a 74 Wisdom jersey and he picks a different number.

Wade Allison

Allison’s rookie number is 57. He wore 19 for the Tri-City Storm, he’s wearing 11 for the Phantoms, and he wore 17 and 27 for Western Michigan. 19 and 11 are both taken by Nolan Patrick and Travis Konecny respectively. So the obvious choice would be 17 as it seems like he changed his number from 27 to 17 while at Western Michigan. Neither number is taken in on the NHL roster.

Tyson Foerster

Foerster was 52 at camp, but I doubt that’ll be his number. For the Barrie Colts he wore 71. He has also been wearing 71 for the Phantoms, so place your bets on 71 being his number.

Linus Sandin

With HV-71 he wore 20, for Rögle he wore 8, and wore 21 for the Phantoms. 20 was taken by Max Willman on in the AHL, so maybe 20 is the number he goes for in the NHL because we know for sure he isn’t taking 8 with Hägg on the team.

Isaac Ratcliffe

19 has been Ratcliffe’s number for the Guelph Storm and when he arrived in Lehigh Valley. Like I said earlier, Nolan Patrick wears 19. He could go down one and take 18. He could go up one and take 20. He could inverse it and go 91, he did that for the CHL showcase game. I highly doubt he sticks with his rookie number, 76.

Felix Sandström

Sandström wears 32 for the Phantoms and the Royals. I feel like that’s the number he would use if he gets a shot with the big club. He wore 25 for HV71 as well, but he seems to like the number 32, and that is available, as of right now.

Samuel Ersson

Samuel Ersson has worn 33 and 30 for his SHL team, Brynäs IF. Although, I feel like 33 is his preferred number as, even when he wears 30, his helmet has the number 33 on the chin. 33 is currently not being used, so this would be fine for Ersson.

Kirill Ustimenko

Ustimenko has worn 72 for the Reading Royals and the Lehigh Valley. I would bet on this being his number if he gets a shot at the Flyers roster.

By Noah Caplan (@Phlyers24 and @NoahlyPod)
Photo creds: therattrick.com

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