Flyers Trade Deadline Expected Returns for Everyone on the Roster

The Philadelphia Flyers are on the verge of what could be a potential teardown which could lead to an interesting trade deadline as the team would look to cash out on upcoming free agents to restock the draft pick cupboard ahead of two very deep, important drafts. The Flyers have five notable unrestricted free agents in Claude Giroux, Rasmus Ristolainen, Justin Braun, Derick Brassard and Martin Jones as well as a roster filled with younger players miscast on the current team that could be enticing options to a team looking for help. If a fire sale does indeed happen, who is the most likely to get dealt and what can the Flyers expect back in return?

Claude Giroux

All eyes will be on the Philadelphia Flyers captain when the trade deadline roles around. Chuck Fletcher’s phone will no doubt be ringing off the hook and hopefully a nice little bidding war ensues. Even at 34, Giroux is still by far the most dynamic offensive player on the roster and will be a huge complimentary piece for any team with strong offensive pillars to join. Expect the going rate to be similar with most high caliber players, a first round pick and a top prospect or younger roster player with potential.

Value- first round pick and top prospect

Sean Couturier

When it comes to trade value, the Flyers really screwed themselves re-signing Sean Couturier longterm last summer. A Former Selke winner and 50-ish point top line center on an expiring contract with a measly $4.3 million cap hit would’ve netted them a king’s ransom at the deadline, now they have to move him with a massive eight year, $62 million extension partnered with some overall lackluster play. For a team desperate for a two-way center, it may still peak some interest, but whatever value they could’ve gotten for him was significantly hurt by that contract.

Value- mid-round pick and a prospect

James Van Riemsdyk

There’s no better example of a streaky scorer than James Van Riemsdyk. His 33rd birthday is right around the corner and he’s still got one year left on his current contract at a $7 million cap hit. Given his long stretches of obsolescence mixed with his contract, it’s unlikely teams will be clamoring to acquire him at the trade deadline. The Flyers may have no choice to bite the bullet and keep him around for one more season, or retain a chunk of his contract to any team that might sniff around. That’s probably best saved for an offseason discussion, however.

Value- late round pick

Kevin Hayes

Kevin Hayes underwent two separate core muscle surgeries during the offseason and it kept him on the sidelines for months and has severely limited his play now that he’s back. Partner that with four more years with a $7.1 million cap hit and it seems unlikely that Hayes is going anywhere until he can rebound from those injuries and make an adequate middle-six NHL center.

Value- late round pick

Ivan Provorov

It seems unlikely that Provorov gets dealt, but of the Flyers are entering a rebuild, they may have to take a hard look a the market for their number one defenseman. Provorov, who turns 24 on January 13, may see the bulk of his career wasted in Philly if the Flyers enter a rebuild that could take five years to see the fruits of their labor. Maybe getting a worthwhile return for Provorov at the peak of his career is better than waiting and hoping 30-year-old Provorov can still lead the team properly.

Value- first round pick and top prospect, potentially more

Rasmus Ristolainen

If Ristolainen’s name ends up back on the trade block, there’s a good chance teams will be lining up for his services. He was apparently a hot commodity last summer in a sweepstakes that the Flyers ultimately won, and his solid season in Philly should only boost his trade value. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to think that the Flyers could recoup the first round pick they gave up to acquire him in the first place.

Value- first round pick

Justin Braun

Justin Braun has been the unsung hero of the Flyers defense for years now and could be a very intriguing option for any team looking for a depth defenseman. He’s on an expiring $1.8 million contract that will be attractive to any team in a financial pinch. The Flyers traded away a second and third round picks away to acquire him, and it’s reasonable they may be able to get a similar return when it’s their turn to deal him away.

Value- second and third round pick

Cam Atkinson

Atkinson has had a bit of a career renaissance during his short stay in Philadelphia, on pace for his best season since 2018-19. He’s got three years left at a $5.8 million cap hit, so it won’t be an easy deadline deal because of the salary implications, but he’s producing well enough that any team looking for a little extra scoring on the wings will give Atkinson a once-over. It does seem unlikely trading Atkinson is in the cards, but could possibly fetch a fair return in a deal is struck.

Value- third round pick and prospect

Travis Konecny

Travis Konecny’s value continues to nosedive ever since he posted a career year during the 2019-20 season. Now with just five goals in 33 games during the 2021-22 campaign, not to mention a $5.5 million cap hit for three more years, his trade value isn’t nearly what it could be. But any team looking for a middle six winger with a little sand paper in his game will at least sniff around, though this is probably a trade best left for the offseason.

Value- third round pick

Travis Sanheim

When the Flyers only signed Sanheim to a two-year extension last summer, it had to be for the reason of ditching him for one of the youngsters coming up and usurping his place on the roster. Cam York appears to be that guy and that could leave Sanheim on the outside looking in. His play has improved during the 2021-22 season and thus his trade value has to be looking a little better. One year left on his current deal at $4.6 million is a manageable number for a team looking for a second pair lefty.

Value- second round pick

Ryan Ellis

You can’t trade what doesn’t exist.

Value- nothing

Scott Laughton

Laughton has established himself as a great Swiss army knife player over the last few seasons in Philly. From fourth line center to second line winger, even filling in as the top line center during the recent Covid outbreak, Laughton can do it all. He’s got four years left at $3 million, which is a long term but reasonable cap hit for the player a team would receive. He’d definitely pique the interest of any team looking for a top level bottom six addition.

Value- second or third round pick

Oskar Lindblom

Lindblom just hasn’t been the same player since his cancer diagnosis in December of 2019 and considering he has one year left on his current deal at $3 million, he doesn’t seem likely to be a hot commodity if his name entered the trade block. Probably not a great PR move from the Flyers perspective either.

Value- late round pick

Joel Farabee

Farabee seems to be the only youngster on the current forward roster that seems to have any semblance of potential star power. Trading him for a draft pick or another prospect doesn’t make a whole lotta sense, so you gotta assume he’d be one of the “safe” players during a teardown.

Value- first round pick, top prospect, potentially more

Morgan Frost

Morgan Frost is finally in the NHL and, while still having some potential, seems to be just a guy. His 23rd birthday is on the horizon, so they could keep him around and feature him as a potential pillar of the Flyers rebuild before making a decision on him, but if some team out there is willing to take chance on Frost, it may be in the Flyers’ best interest to move him and try again with another draft pick. He’d probably best be served in a package deal to try and gain a higher pick on draft day.

Value- third round pick

Derick Brassard

Considering Brassard seems to be fighting (and losing to) a hip injury, his trade value is probably pretty limited unless he can return to the lineup healthy. Assuming he’s back full-time before the trade deadline, he’d be a fine depth forward for a team looking for one, but unlikely to draw a major return.

Value- late round pick

Zack MacEwen

MacEwen has really established himself as a solid NHL fourth liner during his time in Philadelphia. His trade value may not be through the roof, but a physical depth player who has some value in the offensive zone should be easy enough to move on deadline day.

Value- fourth round pick

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown has been a fine fourth liner for the Flyers but nothing more. Can’t imagine his value is all that high in a trade scenario.

Value- late round pick

Keith Yandle

Yandle’s play is pretty ugly these days and probably won’t attract much attention at the deadline. The Flyers may just have to bite the bullet and finish out the year with him on the blueline.

Value- late round pick

Carter Hart

On the short list of untouchable players, Carter Hart is atop that list, though simultaneously is their biggest ticket for a return in a trade. There’s a good chance Hart will be the last man standing in Philly when it comes to dealing away players, so getting your hopes up that he’s dealt seems like much ado about nothing.

Value- first round pick, top prospect, potentially more

Martin Jones

Playoff teams are always looking for a decent backup goalie to add and Jones has had a decent enough season riding shotgun in Philly. His play has been much better than his 3.33 goals against average and .909 save percentage suggest, any team with a half decent defense should be able to drag an even better performance out of Jones, so he could be a valuable trade asset for the Flyers to the right team.

Value- third round pick

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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