I Did Tankathon 100 Times, Again

Back in January, I did the tankathon draft lottery 100 times, you can find it here. I did this draft lottery sim starting at 8:21 pm. When I last did it, the Flyers had were the 9th worst team in the league by point percentage, now they were 4th worst. Being farther down meant there was a higher chance at the 1st overall pick, but that also meant there was more of a possibility to actually move down one or two spots. The Flyers had a 9.7% chance at the first overall pick, 9.9% for the second, 13.7% for fourth, 43.6% for fifth, and 23.1% for sixth. Here are the results I got.

By Noah Caplan (@Phlyers24)
photocreds: tankathon.com

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