Deal or No Deal- Would You Make This Trade? Fun TDL Version

The NHL trade deadline is here and the Philadelphia Flyers are gearing up to sit on the sidelines with a bucket of popcorn getting ready to watch the fireworks other teams create. But what if our team was fun too? Fans have taken to CapFriendly’s Armchair GM tool to craft their ideal blockbuster deals for the Flyers, stuff that only exists in the world of NHL23. We’ve already looked at some realistic trade deadline Flyers trades, now let’s have a little fun and explore some completely off-the-cuff epic trade scenarios proposed by fans.

You’re the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers and the trade proposals below comes across your desk, do you make the trade?

Future Flyers Contenders by Flyerlover

Some version of a Hart-for-Draisaitl trade has been bouncing around Flyers fandom for the last year or so as the desperation for a top center becomes more and more prevalent and the Oilers face the pressure of needing a top goaltender, a need the has been at least temporarily quenched by the arrival of Stuart Skinner.

The emergence of Sam Ersson has led some to theorize Hart could be expandable in the near future, and trading him to his hometown Oilers for one of the best players in the league would certainly be a way to maximize his return.

Would you make this trade?

just for funs by Timmins_Is_Eating_Tims

This one stuck out not just because the Flyers would land their long lost top center, but because it comes at the cost of two of the golden boys within the fanbase in Morgan Frost and Travis Konecny. Tavares, now 32, has two years left on his deal at a whopping $11 million cap hit. While his production has dipped slightly with ago, he’s still good for around 30 goals and 80 points, currently on pace for 36 goals and 83 points in 82 games this season.

Leafs get depth dispersed at forward and the Flyers get a top center.

Would you make this trade?

Danny Briere Revives the Flyers at the TDL by Balake

Ivan Provorov has been linked to LA for quite some time now, and we’ve theorized in the past that it could be in the Flyers’ best interest to trade Carter Hart, Ivan Provorov and even Travis Konecny at the same time to maximize their combined value, and this is a great example of that theory.

Brandt Clarke is a 20-year-old former eighth overall pick in 2021 and widely considered one of the best right-handed defense prospects across the league. Alex Turcotte is a 22-year-old center prospect that has dealt with a fair share of injuries during his career. His value is relatively low despite once being a fifth overall pick in 2019.

Cal Peterson is a 28-year-old goalie currently in the AHL and has two years left on a contract that pays him $5 million a season. He has failed to replicate his early career success which landed him that contract to begin with.

The Flyers find their cherished top RHD prospect and two picks in 2023 in exchange for both Hart and Provorov.

Would you make this trade?

FLYERS 2024 3 by jakeROGERS

This deal is probably the one based closest in reality, though it still is quite the mental leap.

Value wise, this deal may be good enough for Arizona to pull the trigger, but as a team in a constant state of seller status, the fact they’re struggling to move Chychrun due to their high asking price means it’d make little sense for them to acquire Provorov, who’s slightly older and more expensive.

Would you make this trade?

Philadelphia FLYYEET IT ALL by tmlfan4life

The Flyers desperately need goalscoring, so who better to address than hole than the greatest goal scorer of all time. The Caps get a young rehab project forward in Joel Farabee and someone to help stabilize their defense in Ivan Provorov, plus James Van Riemsdyk gets reunited with his brother Trevor.

Since this trade was suggested, Orlov has since been traded to the Bruins, but since we’re in fantasy land anyway, just pretend he’s still a Cap.

Would you make this trade?

Mega Trade by GM_Don_Waddell_1

The Flyers get Connor McDavid in exchange for the corpse of Sean Couturier, draft bust Morgan Frost, Carter Hart and the beloved 2023 first round pick that still may not even be a lottery pick be season’s end.

Would you make this trade?

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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