Rumor: Flyers Updating Their Jerseys

There have been whispers all season long about the Philadelphia Flyers finally updating their jerseys. The current home and away unis have been worn full-time since 2010-11. As the 2022-23 season winds down it seems as though there will indeed be new jerseys next season.

The obvious answer for updating the Flyers’ jerseys was to bring back an old favorite in the Eric Lindros-era jerseys. The jerseys a huge amount of fans grew up with, that bring back fond memories of a better era of hockey in the city.

There have been a few jerseys insiders that have more or less confirmed a potential change for next season, but Chris Creamer of provided the first mock up of a potential design and… well… the Flyers get half credit for the old school jerseys.

The general style is there but there’s a major minor detail missing, the black trim that ran across the chest and down the sleeves separating the orange from the white.

It looks absolutely foreign even though it really isn’t. The shoulder yoke on the current jerseys doesn’t have a strip separating the colors, but the much larger section of the old-school jerseys doesn’t seem to work the same.

The shade or orange will also be changing. No more traffic cone orange! It appears as though the original shade of orange is back. They used the same hue during the 2020 Reverse Retro jerseys if you want a reference as for what to expect.

The other thing worth mentioning is the tail stripe. All three Lindros-era jerseys had a black stripe at the very bottom of the jersey that’s hard to see because it got hidden by their black pants. Looking at the mockups, it does appear that the orange jerseys still have it but it’s impossible to tell on the white.

The modern day jerseys had the tail stripe lifted slightly off the bottom of the jersey.

It sees as though the current day nameplates are here to stay, however. They were not on the original jerseys.

It’s a way to acknowledge the past by bringing back a beloved jersey, but also keeping some touches of the modern jerseys as well.

So how are we feeling about this, Flyers fans? Are we ok with the changes? Are we fine without the black stripe? Should the just bring back the originals in all their glory?

Do we like them?

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

photo credit: Chris Creamer / (Giroux) / Getty Images (Lindros)


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